Where to start DIY:
Screen printing is a great hobby for your crafty friends and family. But where do you start? If you just want to get your toes wet with screen printing try the DIY Print Shop Made to Make it® Screen Printing Kit. It comes with all you will need to try out screen printing for yourself or your friends. Check out the steps below and the video to see just how easy it is!

1. Lay down your screen, frame side up. Tape off the edges of the screen where there is a gap between the emulsion and frame, so ink only prints through the design. Also, if you only want to print one part of the pre-burned screen, you can tape it off like you did with the edges of the screen.

2. Lay out your shirt on a flat and smooth surface for an even and consistent print. Or try rough or uneven surfaces for a different texture to your print.

3. Next place your screen on the shirt, frame side up, wherever you would like your design to be printing.

4. Now you can pour your ink onto the screen. Don’t worry if you put too much, any ink not used can always be scooped up and put back into your container after printing.

5. Lift your screen off the shirt slightly and lightly cover your stencil with ink using your squeegee.

6. Now you can print your first shirt. Angle your screen at roughly a 45˚ angle and while applying pressure, push your squeegee across the design.

7. Don’t forget to cure your ink, so you can keep your shirt looking great for a long time. To do this, place the supplied parchment paper over the design and iron over the print.

Check out this video and Cristen can show you step-by-step.

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