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  • A Guide to Getting the Most Out of Baselayr Long Lasting Emulsion
    April 23, 2021 Jacelyn Wedman

    A Guide to Getting the Most Out of Baselayr Long Lasting Emulsion

    So you’ve just gotten your hands on Baselayr Long Lasting Emulsion. It’s perfect for printers who are just starting out, or for those who don’t have a perfect darkroom yet. Now that you have it, how should you use it? How do you get the best out of the emulsion? Screen printing expert Colin Huggins shows you how to mix the diazo into the emulsion, how to coat screens, how to expose, and more.
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  • How to Create a Professional T-Shirt Mockup
    April 9, 2021 Jacelyn Wedman

    How to Create a Professional T-Shirt Mockup

    Making a high-quality T-shirt mockup is important to any screen printing business. They can help you fine-tune concepts and send a professional mockup to your client before you start printing. The better quality your mockup is, the more uses it will have. You can use them as product photos, social media posts, and much more. Rogue Lab owner Lee Stuart shows us how to make a killer T-shirt mockup with a left-chest print and a back print.
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  • a design of a tiger with a flower replicated with its inverted version next to it
    February 26, 2021 Jacelyn Wedman

    How to Invert a Design in Adobe Illustrator

    Let’s face it: not all customers send in perfect designs. Sometimes, artwork needs some tweaks (or a complete redo). Say you’re given artwork originally printed on a white background with black lines, but the client wants it printed on black with white lines. Simply changing the black lines to white lines doesn’t always cut it. The artwork looks fine, but not as good as it could look. By inverting the artwork in Adobe Illustrator, you can make your artwork stand out. Cory Romeiser of Golden Press Studio shows you how to invert artwork in Adobe Illustrator to make your life a little easier.
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  • text says how to make a shop logo! design of a squeegee that says hot mama print shop. cory smiling
    January 22, 2021 Sage Larson

    How to Make a Custom Print Shop Logo

    When launching a new business, one of important tasks you need to tackle is creating a logo. If you don't have a graphic design background, making a logo can be daunting. Luckily, a fellow graphic designer has made your life a little easier. Cory Romeiser of Golden Press Studio walks you through how you can make your own unique logo by using elements from the Screen Printers Branding Starter Pack.
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  • Four Ways to Print Black Plastisol Ink on a Black Shirt
    September 9, 2020 Sage Larson

    Four Ways to Print Black Plastisol Ink on a Black Shirt

    Printing black plastisol ink on a black shirt — trendy, right? As with everything in screen printing, there are multiple ways to achieve this goal. From using a puff base to printing with clear base to curing at higher and lower temperatures, printers can offer a variety of effects and looks to their customers. Let's take a look to see how each technique turns out so you can decide what's best for your next print job.
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