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If you’re brand new to screen printing (first, welcome!) We highly suggest you check out our How to Screen Print with a Kit: 150 Edition Online Course. It's crafted to give you a solid introduction and understanding of the screen printing process. 

How to Screen Print with a Kit: 150 Edition Online Course

The How to Screen Print with a Kit: 250 Edition Online Course is geared to really hone in your skills, equipment, and processes. If you're like many printers, you're not just after great prints, you want to build your brand known for quality. Get ready to explore the depths of screen printing and turn your passion into impressive, professional work. Let’s go through some of the great info you’ll find in our 250 Edition Online Course…


A well-equipped darkroom is essential for intricate and high-quality screen prints. In this section, we delve into creating the perfect darkroom environment. You'll learn about the importance of light-safe bulbs, the convenience of a 20-screen capacity rack, and the efficiency of a drying cabinet. We'll also introduce you to essential tools like the hygrometer to ensure optimal conditions. This module is designed to help you set up a space that's not just functional but also inspires creativity.


Screen coating and exposure are critical steps in the screen printing process. This course segment focuses on various coating techniques, helping you understand how to prepare screens for different ink types and the impact of stencil thickness on your prints. We cover the use of emulsions, scoop coaters, and the right screens for the job. Additionally, you'll gain insights into exposing screens for maximum detail, ensuring your designs are sharp and clear every time.

Person pouring emulsion into a scoop coater to coat a screen printing frame


In this part of the course, we shift our focus to the printing process itself. You'll learn how to set up your printing space efficiently, ensuring a smooth workflow. We introduce the Riley Hopkins 250 Package, a versatile and user-friendly printing setup perfect for various projects. This section also covers advanced topics like mixing Pantone ink colors and mastering XY registration for precise, multi-color prints. These skills are vital for producing professional-grade prints and expanding your creative possibilities.


By the end of this course, you'll have a deeper understanding and enhanced skills in screen printing. From perfecting your darkroom setup to mastering advanced printing techniques, you'll be equipped to tackle more complex projects and elevate your screen printing business. Our 250 Course isn't just about learning; it's about transforming your passion into a successful, fulfilling career. This blog is just a sample, so be sure to purchase the course for our full 12 module How to Screen Print with a Kit: 250 Edition Online Course.  Let's make your screen printing dreams a reality!

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For those who want to hone in their set-up or processes further, look into scheduling a 1-on-1 session with our team. 

Or better yet come meet them in person and learn hands-on at the next Screen Print Experience!

No matter how you learn, we are here to help you on your journey!

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