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Sim Process Separations | The Secret to Photorealistic Screen Prints

Jamie Leinbach
SIM Process Separations might be one of the hardest things to do well in screen printing. Luckily, we have good news! We’re sharing the secrets to achieving photo-realistic screen prints with step-by-step instruction using SIM Process color separations. We’ll walk you through the entire process from design, separation, to printing on press in our Photoshop for Screen Printing: Advanced Color Separations course! 
Photoshop for Screen Printing: Advanced Color Separations  | Screenprinting.com

Photoshop for Screen Printing: Advanced Color Separations

Jamie Leinbach
Step up your screen printing game with our Advanced Photoshop Course, tailored just for screen printers. This course builds upon the basic skills you've learned, pushing your design and color separation capabilities to greater heights.
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Your Brand Starts Here With Learning | How To Screen Print With A Kit: 250 Edition

Jamie Leinbach
Our How to Screen Print with a Kit: 250 Edition Online Course isn't just about learning; it's about transforming your passion into a successful brand. Join us, and let's make your screen printing dreams a reality as we guide you through 12 modules teaching everything from dialing in the darkroom to cataloging prints.