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  • person scooping out green FN-INK out of its container
    July 15, 2020 Sage Larson

    How to Achieve Soft-Hand Prints Using Plastisol Ink

    Want soft-hand prints? Print with water-based inks. 

    Well, water-based printing isn't accessible to every printer. Luckily, there are some things you can do to make your plastisol prints softer. Between the inks you choose to use, the garments you're printing on, and to the available ink additives, achieving soft plastisol prints is possible. Let's take a look to see how to accomplish this goal. 

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  • a screen printed heat transfer on press
    July 10, 2020 Sage Larson

    How To Screen Print With Plastisol Heat Transfers

    Screen printing heat transfers can seem daunting but in reality, it’s actually fairly simple. If made properly, plastisol heat transfers can last almost as long as a screen prints and can be much easier to apply in certain scenarios. Here are a few ways screen printing your own transfers can help your business.
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  • the infrared bulbs on a flash unit
    June 26, 2020 Sage Larson

    Ensuring Proper Ink Curing

    Curing your prints is one of the last steps of the screen printing process, but it is one of the most important steps. Ink needs to be cured properly so it sets into the garment. If the ink does not cure fully, it will crack, fall apart, and not last for long. Printers use either heat guns, heat pressesflash dryers, or conveyor dryers to cure inks. Let's take a look at how each curing device works.
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  • person pointing to an exposed screen
    June 24, 2020 Sage Larson

    The Darkroom Process: Film, Emulsion Density, Exposing, and Washout

    After coating a screen, it's time to expose and washout the screen. Dialing in screen exposure is no easy feat. In the latest videos, screen printing expert Colin Huggins goes over the tools you need to create optimal and to make solid, exposed screens. He'll also address nuances within the exposing and washout process and share ways to improve your darkroom procedures.
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  • shirt rolling off conveyor dryer
    June 17, 2020 Sage Larson

    When to Use White Discharge Ink

    Printing with discharge is fun, but the process has a lot of factors printers need to consider — type of garment, curing device, safety precautions, and more. Let's look at one question today: When would you use white discharge ink?
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  • Handy Tips for Coating Screens
    June 10, 2020 Sage Larson

    Handy Tips for Coating Screens

    After learning how to create the best environment for drying screens, now it's time to learn the best practices for coating screens. Screen printing expert Colin Huggins shows what to look for when coating screens to get the best emulsion coverage. Not all emulsions respond the same when coating screens: some emulsions require adjustments in pressure and speed, depending on the emulsion thickness and the type of mesh you're working with on your screen. You want the end result to a nice glisten that makes a great stencil for your next screen printing job.
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