How to Use the Stipple Shading Brushes in Procreate  |

Looking to add depth to a design? A simple way to achieve that look is to use a shading technique. But, where do you shade? How do you get it to fade out? How do you make it look good? Cory Romeiser from Golden Press Studio demonstrates techniques to using the Tattoo Stipple Brush Pack in Procreate so you can make your next design look fantastic.


What's nice about a brush pack is the fact that it comes with a variety of brushes so you can decide which would be best for the design. With the Tattoo Stipple Brush Pack, the brushes are composed of dots (hence "stipple"). Some brushes have fuzzy dots, clean dots, wobbly dots, blobby dots, lines, and fillers. Test them out, see how they look, and pick your favorites for the design you're working on.

hands drawing a skull on an ipad


After downloading the brush pack, pull up the design in Procreate. Cory drew some lines to indicate where he wanted to shade. First, he selects one of the line brushes to draw the outline of the design.

PRO TIP: When drawing circles or half circles, there's a way to make it a perfect shape. After drawing the circle, hold the pen down and Procreate will snap the circle into the ideal shape.

Once you have drawn the main portion of the design and it's time to shade, Cory suggests creating a new layer. The new layer is insurance, just in case you shade a big chunk and decide you don't like it, you can delete the layer rather than trying to delicately erase around the design.

hands shading in an area on the skull


When you have the new layer created, pick a brush you want to use. Cory selects a fuzzy dotted brush because it matches the fuzzy lines in the design. Mark the area you want to shade and start doing it! The more you shade in a spot, the darker it'll become. Shade less to slowly fade out. If you want an area to be darker, select a brush that has more condensed dots to use for shading.

If you'd like a shadow to fall off quickly, select one of the line brushes. Draw a line where you want the shadow to end. Switch back to the original brush and draw on the line to create a textured, fuzzy edge. Keep playing around until the design looks great to you.

a skull wearing a cowboy hat design on an ipad

Hopefully this tutorial on the Tattoo Stipple Brush Pack has helped you. If you incorporate shading in a design, we'd love to see it. Tag us or use #ryonet and we'll share your art with our audience. 

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