Fire Up Your Screen Printing Side Business with the Riley 150 Kit  |

Cash, scratch, coin, a few extra bucks… It’s probably pretty safe to say that you are in the same boat as most folks right now who need a little more money. Whether you’re in need of some extra help to make your rent, pay off some credit card bills, or just building some savings, the reality is that you’re in need of adding another source of income to help pay for living expenses. A single job might help pay some of the essentials, but a side hustle from home is the kind of endeavor that will make a profound impact.

If you're ready to put in the work and have decided that screen printing is the route you want to take, then consider jumpstarting your business with the Riley 150 Kit.

The kit comes with the essential equipment you need to start your side hustle: Riley 150 4 Color 1 Station Press, Ryo Flash Dryer, and the UV Aluminum Exposure Unit. The kit gets you up and running without making your bank account cry.

The press is pretty important when screen printing. The Riley 150 4x1 is incredible for a person starting their new side hustle because it's simple, yet versatile. Stripping away fancy features means you can focus on producing quality prints for your customers. The 150 is perfect for anyone starting their own brand because it allows you to switch out platens. Doesn't matter if you want to print youth apparel, neck labels, sleeves, jackets, etc., the 150 lets you attach the platen you need to achieve the best print.

Simple, yet powerful, the Ryo Flash Dryer will cure garments. Having issues or have never used a flash for curing? Watch the video above to gain insider info about curing to ensure your garments are 100% ready to go to the customer.

Can't make a great print without a great screen. The UV Aluminum Exposure Unit is Exposing can be a little tricky though. Watch the video above where Ryan Moor gives step-by-step instructions for using the exposure unit and how to obtain a great screen. 

After getting the equipment, you have all the freedom to choose other products you need to get your brand up and running. Do you want to print plastisol or water-based inks? Wood or aluminum squeegees? What kind of prints will you be making? That'll determine what screens you get. Need some help with creating art? The options are endless. If you need help determining what supplies you need, please do not hesitate and reach out to us. We are here to help you. You can reach us at 1-800-314-6390 or email us at A print pro will be there to answer all your questions. 

Now is the time to diversify your income to support your dreams and goals. Fire up your at home screen printing business with the Riley 150 Kit

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