If you’re part of a larger shop, or even if you’re still getting there, then the idea of coating 400-500 screens in an 8-hourt shift at a 2/1 coat must sound like a dream.

The good news is that this dream can be real with the Saati ProCoat Dual Screen Auto Coater. This beast of a machine is sturdy, has an easy to use interface, and provides the operator with confidence in the coating process. It can handle 2-up frames, sizes 20×24 up to 25×36. This gives many options for frame sizes and combinations.

When loading and unloading screens, who wants to have to stop to mess with the controls? With the ProCoat’s foot pedal controls, the operator’s hands are free to handle the screens. With these simple but powerful automated steps, and a very quick and easy maintenance to keep things running, you can save yourself time and labor.

When it comes down to it, Saati ProCoat gives a clean and consistent coating and EOM every time, is reliable, easy to use, and cuts down on production time and labor, bringing more profitability to your shop.

Check out this video to learn a little more about the Saati ProCoat!

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