Say Goodbye to the Jr. and Hello to the Riley Hopkins 250 Press  |

The Jr. has been a workhorse for thousands of printers. It was a gateway press that created a solid foundation for printers to start their careers and grow. The evolution of the press is here with the new Riley Hopkins 250 Press


Three things are different between the 250 and the Jr. — titled micros, locking levers, and a new paint job.

The tilted micros upgrade will provide huge enhancements for registration. Tilted micros offer additional stability to hold screens during production. Printers no longer have to worry about accidentally knocking a screen out of place during production. The tilted micros lock screens in, streamlining production runs.

Improvement for registration goes a step further with the locking levers. The same locking levers that exist on the Riley Hopkins 300 presses, the levers provide better leverage for tightening and loosening registration. Set registration effortlessly while maintaining precision. 

the head of a riley hopkins 250 press

The most exciting part — it’s back in black! The green will disappear with the 250. The all-black press will make any shop look sharp and clean-cut.

Otherwise, the 250 is similar to the beloved Jr., made of durable steel construction, the 250 has off-contact control, the ability to interchange platens, rotating platens with roller wheel platen stop, and more. The various sizes are still available — 4x1, 4x2, 4x4, 6x2, and 6x4

Current Jr. printers, do not worry. We’re still here to help if you have any questions, concerns, or issues. Our experts will troubleshoot anything that comes up, and we’ll have the spare parts in case anything goes amiss. 


The 250 is for the printer who is just starting out, but is ready to make screen printing their full-time gig. It’s for the printer who has been vigorously researching how to screen print, learning to hone in his or her skills. The press is for the printer who is creative, prepared to make their visions a reality. The printer who is working out of their garage, spare room, or basement, the 250 will fulfill production needs without taking up a ton of space. Printers that are ready to get serious about printing and need something affordable to get started will benefit from the Riley Hopkins 250 Press.

riley hopkins 250 press


A fantastic perk of the 250 press is that it’s so easy to set it up. The press comes 90% preassembled, so you can have the press up and running in a matter of minutes. The only tools you need are one Phillips head screwdriver, two ½” wrenches, and two 9/16” wrenches. It’s so simple. 

Screw the press into a table or bench, or place it on the Riley Hopkins 250 Cart. The cart can hold up to six screens and has wheels so you can move your press with ease. With its smaller footprint, the press fits in most shops, whether you’re in a spare bedroom, garage, or basement.


You will grow. Your print shop will gain more clients, expand its offerings, and take on more jobs than you can count on your hands and feet. When the time comes where you’re ready to invest in a bigger press like the 300 or even go automatic, the 250 will still be useful. Save it for smaller orders, overflow jobs, live printing events, and more. Your press will be there for you, from the beginning to the end. 

For more than 30 years, the Riley Hopkins line has jumpstarted thousands of printers’ careers with high-quality, economical equipment. The award-winning engineering and innovation of the line continues with the new Riley Hopkins 250 Press. With radical improvements to its registration elements, the 250 screen printing press makes print precision affordable.

riley hopkins press next to an american flag and a sign that says american made

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