Feast your eyes: ROQ factory tour video

The innovative line of automatic sRoque tour equipment offers huge increases in efficiency and profit potential for your business. Print 5-10 times faster than with manual screen printing presses! Experience the smooth and consistent performance of an sRoque automatic press today. If you are not sure which press or sRoque equipment is right for your needs, please feel free to contact us for assistance. Have you been curious what it’s like where all those fabulous sRoque presses are made? Well, wonder no more… we’ve got a tour of sorts for you to feast your eyes on a video for your immediate viewing pleasure:

“There is not a comparison to ROQ in the automatic screen printing press marketing. Compared to our old equipment we are saving approximately 30% in setup times using our CTS and the ROQ Special Registration Pallet. Even something as simple as changing pallets is 80% faster though the presses don’t index quite as fast as other presses in the market. With all the printhead functionality and lifting mechanism, it is much easier to keep the press moving having less downtown. ROQ’s are a press that can be run by the press operator and work for the press operator, whereas I felt our old presses ran us.”
–Danny Gruninger – Owner of Image West Signature Apparel, formerly US Recognition, Denver CO

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