A Checklist for Equipment and Supplies Needed to Start Up a Screen Print Shop  | Screenprinting.com

A Checklist of Equipment & Supplies Needed to Start Screen Print Shop

Sage Larson
Ready to start screen printing? It's a big jump, but it's so worth it. To build your shop, you will need to obtain some equipment and supplies. Our Sales and Success Team put together a handy check list of everything you should consider investing in your future shop.
Ensuring Proper Ink Curing  | Screenprinting.com

Ensuring Proper Ink Curing

Sage Larson
Curing your prints is one of the last steps of the screen printing process, but it is one of the most important steps. Ink needs to be cured properly so it sets into the garment. If the ink does not cure fully, it will crack, fall apart, and not last for long. Printers use either heat guns, heat pressesflash dryers, or conveyor dryers to cure inks. Let's take a look at how each curing device works.