Calculate screen printing profits for a DIY printer in 4 steps  |

Calculate Screen Printing Profits for a DIY Printer in 4 Steps

Jacelyn Wedman
One of the scariest parts of screen printing is turning a profit. Printers want to make a profit and stay competitive, but not price too high or too low. How do you make a profit in DIY screen printing? Let’s follow the blog “A Guide to Pricing Screen Printed Garments and Turning a Profit” and take a look at four steps to turning DIY screen printing into a profit. 

Make A Profit Screen Printing: The DIYer

AR Department

Last week I wrote a post explaining how to Find your 'Profitability Sweet-Spot, and gave readers a chance to understand the profitability calculator we suggest using to calculate profits for a job with our Profit Calculator post. Let's go in-depth about how to make this equation work for your situation using five common scenarios based on our top-selling kits. Here's how you can earn 45% profit in the most common situation: The DIYer!

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