How to Do Eco-Friendly Screen Printing  |

How to Do Eco-Friendly Screen Printing

Sage Larson

Let’s face it. Screen printing is dirty, messy, and toxic at times. From the chemicals, garment manufacturers, chemical waste, to water pollution, screen printing has a long road ahead to becoming eco-friendly. Implementing greener practices seems challenging and expensive, but that’s not the case. 

Our choices matter. Let’s look at ways screen printers can implement environmentally friendly products and processes in their shops. 

How I Went Green  |

How I Went Green

Ryonet Collaborator

To me, some things are more important than making the absolute most amount of money I can make every day. Issues like producing high quality and protecting my employees from contaminants that cause health issues are higher priorities for me than squeezing out every penny. When you walk into a lot of print shops, they’re […]