The Darkside of Screen Printing  |

If you're curious about screen printing or want to get better at it, these videos are for you! From getting everything set up in Part 1 to seeing everything come to life in Part 2 (With the support from our very own Josh!), this fun mini-series covers some Screen Printing Gems! 

Part 1 kicks off the two-part mini-series about how to get ready for screen printing. This first video is all about preparing and picking out the right tools and materials for the job before going into production.

They talk about the importance of using certain chemicals that help get the screens ready for printing and making your prints come out looking great.

The excitement doesn't stop there. In Part 2, the series steps it up by bringing in a screen printing pro, @ryonet print pro Josh. Josh has been in the printing world for a long time, and he's coming to share some of the cool things he's learned over the years.

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