THREADX Conference is the TED Talk for Printers  |

 Have you ever seen or been inspired by a TED Talk? I know I was after seeing Simon Sinek’s "Start With Why." Now, imagine you had the opportunity to go to a TED Talk that specifically spoke to you and your business. Imagine that the room is filled with the movers and shakers that are doing what you want to do and going where you want to go. For garment decorators, THREADX is their TED Talk for their industry. 

At the conference, there will be 20 industry leaders giving talks on all kinds of topics. Attendees will hear from people like Jason Murphy of SanMar, Brett Bowden of Printed Threads, and Ben Robinson of Stahl’s Hotronix. I'm honored to have the privilege to speak with these outstanding people. Whether you need more insight on thought leadership, community, inspiration, or connection, THREADX is the event to set you and your business on a new course for the year. 

Still wondering if it's worth your time? Learn what other screen printing shops and decorators thought of last year’s conference.

Unfortunately, THREADX 2020 has already sold out. Bummed you can't go? Follow @allmadeapparel, @roq_us, or @ryonet to viscerally experience the conference. 

See you soon!


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