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Top Four Reasons To Automate Your Screen Printing

Top Four Reasons To Automate Your Screen Printing

At this point, most screen printers know at least a little about automatic screen printing presses. It’s said that they’re:

  • bigger
  • faster
  • better

But what really makes an automatic press a step above a manual? Bringing automatic equipment into your shop is a big investment, but one definitely worth considering. So, let's talk about it!


The most obvious advantage an automatic press has is speed. With a ROQ automatic press, it isn't unreasonable to expect anywhere from 500 to 1,000 shirts per hour. With a reliable production speed like that, your capacity for larger jobs will grow overnight. Those big jobs with short deadlines that you had to turn away, knowing you couldn’t do it in time? You’ll find them well within your grasp with an automatic press working for you.

Bodily Wear and Tear

How many shirts do you think you, or your employee on a manual press is outputting? 100-300? Here's another question for you: Does print number one, and print number three hundred look the same? As much as anyone loves screen printing, it's easy to agree that after a long day, you feel a bit ragged. Your shoulders and wrists are sore, your back is aching, and your feet are singing the blues.

Consistent Quality

Even the most proud screen printer has to admit, when you're at the end of the shift, your shirt quality probably suffers. Even the best printer will run into the problem. The squeegee gets heavier and heavier with each stroke, and suddenly your consistency is just not what it should be. That shirt has a good, thick deposit of ink, but that one looks spotty and light. What's a printer to do?

With an automatic press in your shop, you'll find that every shirt is the same, every time. You have full control of the pressure, angle, and speed of your squeegee. Set it, forget it, and watch your automatic press give you perfect print after perfect print. You can relax, knowing that not only is your job solid, but your body is being saved from constant, long-term wear and tear damage.

Cost of Labor Savings

Another thing to consider: Every two weeks, you process payroll for your employees. This is money that leaves your wallet, and business, and is gone forever. Maybe you're even considering bringing another team member on to make up for a recent increase in business. Did you know that the cumulative monthly cost of hiring an additional employee is usually 1 to 3 times higher than the cost of adding an auto press to your shop? 

Instead, consider bringing in the employee who never calls in sick, who never gets tired or sore, and who can increase your productivity by leaps and bounds. If you have a growing shop and you're trying to decide what your 'next big step' is, maybe it’s time to start looking into the world of automatics. 

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