Have you ever thought about what else you could use your inkjet printer for when it’s not printing film?

An inkjet printer, like the Epson T3270, is great for film output. But did you know it is also a phenomenal tool for other kinds of graphic printing? Applications like stickers, posters, indoor banners, banner-stands, photos, art/decor, wall paper and tons more can all be handled on these powerful machines.

Being able to offer a customer a banner-stand with an order of shirts is a great way to help them with advertising/marketing at a booth for a show, art festival, comic con, etc. An indoor scrim banner paired with an order of shirts for a local school promoting the booster club at a basketball game helps differentiate you from all the rest, while providing huge marketing value to your customers.

Partner with your customers to find the proper solution

All that is required is to have the right media on hand and getting comfortable in having conversations with your customers about what else they might need for the job. Simple questions like, what do you need to ensure this job is a success? and What does success look like? will provide you with greater insight into your customers, all while creating an even better solution to their needs. We all want to help our customers learn and grow, so be a better business partner for them! When they succeed, they will want to continue that success, and are more likely to come back (and refer you) since you took the extra time to provide them even greater service.

Keep in mind, printers like the T3270 are water-based printers, meaning that water is the carrier for their pigments. In order for print media to be compatible, it has to have a proper receptive coating to hold and protect the ink. Since this ink is water based, it is best suited for indoor & short-term outdoor prints because the receptive coating holding the ink can be susceptible to degradation in harsher outdoor conditions.

Are there questions that you have found to be helpful in breaking the ice and having meaningful conversations with your customers? Let us know in the comments below!

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