Beer, Bikes, Coffee, Music, and Screen Printing

Ryonet is lucky to have the opportunity to connect with and assist many types of printers and businesses who incorporate screen printing into their practice. We are constantly blown away by the diversity and unique passion that people put into their work, sometimes through design-based creativity and sometimes by finding a way to incorporate screen printing into creating a whole new culture. Velo Cult has done just that. Equal parts bike shop, venue, and bar, Velo Cult is all about creating a space that is more about the diversity of Portland biking culture than selling bikes. Sky’s description in the About section of their engaging website explains his passion for biking diversity like this:

“I myself represent a lot of different genres in cycling and my employee’s share that same passion. We don’t fall into the idea that you can only be a road rider or a mountain bike rider or that a normally spandex clad guy can’t enjoy a ride on a classy city bike on his way to the coffee shop. We love bikes and we ride them all from vintage mountain bikes to modern race bikes.”

But Velo Cult isn’t just about bikes and beer and music, they also screen print and design their own promotional materials. With the same passion for detail and intentionality that goes into every other aspect of their shop, screen printing is just another craft that sets them apart from the “typical”. We were lucky to get to stop by yesterday to check out their set up and offer some advice for their printing. After snapping some photos and connecting them with our new Green Galaxy inks, graphic designer, Mark Daffron, came back with a sparkle in his eye that can only come from inspiration.

“Velo Cult is a unique bike store like none I’ve ever experienced. Owner Sky Boyer has created a shop vibe is that very Portland, very vintage, very DIY and VERY diverse. Boyer is very intentional about crafting an environment where art and culture have a prominent place alongside cycling. You won’t find any glossy POP displays, or banners from top bike manufacturers cluttering up his 5,000 square foot showroom. Boyer spent eight months searching for just the right space. “It’s gotta have that feel” Bower says Velo’s customers and employees definitely feel the magic. Boyer shared with me how his entire team all moved up to Portland with him (their wive’s even quit their jobs) to bring his vision into fruition. I joked with Boyer about how cult-like the whole thing seemed, his Velo disciples, by faith, walking away from it all to join their leader in the cycling mecca of the Northwest to plant seeds and gain new followers.”

Here are just a few things Velo Cult offers in their shop:
• Coffee house (they even roast their own beans)
• Beers on tap
• Live music every night
• Bike Musuem
• Bike sales, repair and restoration
• Social gathering / meeting space


Follow them on Instagram: @velocult
Check out their great website here to learn more about them!

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