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You’ve started your screen printing business and have begun supplying your customers with awesome products. Now it’s time to get your business online and share it with the masses. 

6 Ways to Get Your Business Seen Online

1. Creating a Website: Despite common misconceptions about high costs, there are affordable and even free options available for creating a business website. Platforms like Wix, Weebly, Shopify, and WooCommerce offer various solutions to suit different needs.

2. Utilizing Social Media: In 2023, there are 4.95 billion people actively using social media in the world, and this is an increase of 7.07% year-on-year from 4.62 billion in 2022. Creating social media pages for your business can significantly increase its accessibility and visibility online.

3. Google My Business: Listing your business on Google My Business can enhance your visibility in search results, particularly for local searches related to screen printing services.

4. Gathering Online Reviews: Platforms such as Yelp, Facebook, and Google are crucial for building trust with potential customers. Encouraging customers to leave reviews can positively impact decision-making for others.

5. Advertising on Craigslist/NextDoor: Despite its simplicity, Craigslist and NextDoor are a powerful tool for advertising services and reaching a wide local audience, though ads in Craigslist needs regular updating due to expiration.

6. Screen Printing Directory: We offer a free directory for screen printers and apparel decorators, making it easier for potential customers to find services by location.

For those looking to expand their screen printing business online, this video provides essential steps to effectively increase online presence and attract more customers.

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