Digital Tradeshow for Hurricane Relief  |

The Ryonet team had been scheduled to travel to Orlando, FL this week for the ISS Orlando trade show.  Then Hurricane Dorian devastated the Bahamas and the leadership team at ISS made the right call to cancel the show.  

Our team decided that the show had to go on, but with a NEW purpose.  We decided to put on a Digital Trade show for Hurricane Relief.  

Any customer that checks out on on Friday 9/6 from 8am - 5pm PDT can use the PROMO CODE: HURRICANERELIEF for special savings on key screen printing supplies ($20 off any order $200+).  And on top of that, Ryonet will be donating a portion of the proceeds to help the communities impacted.

Registration for the event can be found here

Event Schedule: 

  • 8am: Kick off and Welcome by Ryan Moor
  • 8:05am: Sgreen Chem deep dive with Colin Huggins 
  • 8:30am: Riley Hopkins demo & best production practices with Colin Huggins 
  • 9am: Seminar - Big Marketing Ideas with Ryan Moor & Brett Bowden
  • 10am: Printavo Demo with Bruce Ackerman
  • 11am: Seminar - Therapy for Separation Anxiety with Ryan Moor & Brett Bowden
  • 12pm: DTG Polyprint Walk Through & Demo with Luke Ryerkerk
  • 1pm: ROQ Walk Through & Demo with Charlie Veuleman
  • 2pm: Q&A and Closing with Ryan Moor

Registration for the event can be found here

Schedule Details:

8:05am: Sgreen Chem Deep Dive with Colin Huggins 

Join Colin as he goes deep with the how-to, best chemical practices on the NEW Sgreen Chemicals.  This is a great chance to get your most basic or advanced questions answered by a resident Ryonet expert. 

"After 20+ years in the screen print industry and having used a multitude of screen cleaning chemicals (some of which I nearly fell over from!), its really exciting to be a part of a movement towards better chemistry that is focused, not just on being Environmentally Friendlier™, but in being better for your body.  The fact that I can still clean my screens as efficiently as the nastier chemicals is proof that being “Green” is not a joke.  It is viable both financially and in production.  And its only going to get better from here." - Colin Huggins, Ink & Chemical Product Manager Ryonet.  

8:30am: Riley Hopkins Equipment Demo & Best Production Practices with Colin Huggins 

Printing is a bit of a passion for Colin, to put it lightly 😉.  We will have a print  ready to run.  Come follow along as Colin gets the job lined up, registered, inked, & printing.  Review the production methodology and the actual printed results.  This is a great chance to get your questions answered LIVE directly from our printing expert.  There are bound to be a ton of great takeaways from Colin, can't miss it!   

9am: Seminar - Big Marketing Ideas with Ryan Moor / Brett Bowden 

A look at effective marketing strategies and how they can work for your business. This class will take a look at social media campaigns, print advertising, effective email marketing and more. You will see real-world examples of good marketing and how the campaigns affected businesses in our industry.

 In this Seminar, you'll learn:

  • Local marketing: How to create a big bang in your local market: Wouldn’t it be RAD if three news channels and 50 people showed up to your screen printing shop for a press release?
  • Video marketing: How to use video stories to create customer loyalty and engagement on your website, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram
  • Making a list: An email list is the one thing that you CAN control, you will learn simple mechanisms for creating a list, what tools to use to distribute to it, and how to create engagement content for emails that drive sales
  • Social engagement: What is the goal of social, how do you create engaging content that drives your brand and increases your loyalty, and when is it good and how much should you spend on Facebook and Instagram marketing

10am: Printavo Demo with Bruce Ackerman

Whether you need help with keeping track of jobs, improving shop communication, reducing costly mistakes, automating customer approvals, creating online stores, or help with scheduling, Printavo will help you grow your shop and reduce headaches.  They have the tools you need to grow your shop.  Printavo keeps your team on the same page. Our reliable platform makes your business more productive. 

11am: Seminar - Therapy for Separation Anxiety with Ryan Moor & Brett Bowden

A simple process on how to separate images for screen printing using Photoshop. This seminar will cover how to set up a file and prep it, how to edit and define colors, and how to create a digital proof to test separations prior to final output. Ideal for beginners that know basic Photoshop tools and intermediate users that want more efficiency.

In this Seminar, you'll learn:

  • How to prep images for separation
  • How to edit and define colors for separation
  • How to create separations and proof them

12pm: DTG Polyprint Walk Through & Demo with Luke Ryerkerk

Luke will be joining us LIVE from Gulf Coast Screen and Stitch in Corpus Christi, TX to dive deep into the Polyprint DTG technology.  This is a great opportunity to hear directly from a printer that recently made the jump to DTG and learn their "why".  How they plan to leverage DTG with existing and new customers.  Expect to learn what the experience of starting up is like, learning the DTG workflow with PreTreat, Curing Digital Inks, and the tips/pointers to hit the ground running.  Bring your questions, Luke will be ready!  

1pm: ROQ Walk Through & Demo with Charlie Veuleman

Join Charlie, ROQ automatic owner, operator, & awesome solution provider at Ryonet as he gives a behind the scenes deep dive into the world of automated garment decoration.  Charlie will share his Print Shop story, how his move to automate printing positively affected his team, his family, and how he has seen teams across the country benefit from making the same move.    

Charlie will cover automated solutions that improve overall production, consistency, and quality of final product for your customer, as well as improve the quality of life for your team and family.  This is a great opportunity to ask all your questions about how the various solutions are deployed into shops, the upfront costs, and the ROI of these investments.  He will cover what an "Automated Shop" looks like in today and what they could look like in the near future.

Registration for the event can be found here

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