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Among the many vocab words unique to screen printing garments, one of the buzz words you’ve probably been hearing in the industry a lot lately is Heather CVC — and you might be wondering, what does CVC mean and what does it stand for?

We figured we’d shed some light on the origin of CVC and what it means for you and your customers.

CVC, to put it simply is a heather—a poly-cotton blend. The term CVC, or “Chief Value Cotton” is a term that originated in the import/export industry. It indicates the fabrication has a larger percentage of cotton, and thus a smaller import and export tax on the goods.

While an interesting lesson in etymology, you’re probably still wondering what makes this blend so special. It comes down to two things–dimension and price. Tees with texture, or multicolor dimension, elevate and compliment almost any print you choose to go with. The industry has been crazy about triblends for a while because of their soft hand and their dimension, but the price tag is a little hefty for some. Heather CVC tees, don’t have any Rayon, making them a great price-point opinion.

BELLA+CANVAS offers 24 colors in their CVC tee, it’s not only the softest, but the best priced as well. If you want a quality, budget-friendly option to recommend to your customers looking to elevate their basics, the CVC tee is a safe bet!

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