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Back in 2017, Ryonet and ten other screen printing companies came together to form an ethical and environmentally friendly apparel company called Allmade. You have probably heard us say “Allmade was created for screen printers by screen printers,” and in fact, that statement is true to the core. When creating Allmade, we wanted to make sure we were creating a tee that printers would want access to. So during this process, we took into consideration printers’ needs and wants in a wholesale tee. Our printers explained that they needed things like, shirts that had environmentally friendly components, shirts that were durable and comfortable, and shirts that were made for a living wage. Recently, we decided to check in with some of our favorite printers to see what they currently want in a wholesale tee and why Allmade fits that bill for them.

Threadbare Print House

Threadbare Print House is a women owned and run shop based in Eugene, Oregon. Amy, Threadbare’s owner, stated that “As a water based print shop, we have been impressed with the vibrant prints we can get on Allmade shirts. The look and durability of discharge inks is much improved over traditional tri-blends because the shirts use modal instead of rayon which takes the inks better.” She also explained that. “Ordering wholesale blanks can take up a large chunk of time. Allmade has made the process easier by creating an easy to use website and outstanding customer service.”

320 Ink

320 Ink was born in a basement in 2007 and now inhabits a 5000 sq/ft industrial facility in Gorham, Maine. Check out what their founder Drew had to say below:

“At 320, we are pretty picky about what brand of shirts we recommend to our customers. Our customers have come to trust us because we wear, wash, and test every new brand we bring on.

There are a few factors we take into consideration:

-Consistency. We want the shirts to be consistent in quality and fit, across the color spectrum offered.

-Quality of material. We want the shirts to be super soft, and comfortable.

-Printability. A nice smooth surface lends itself to a smoother, higher quality print. Allmade is BY FAR our printers favorite shirt to print on.

-Washability. Using Modal rather than Rayon in the fabric of these shirts gives them a stronger wet-strength which helps it hold its shape wash after wash.

We have found that Allmade ticks all those boxes, and as a bonus is made from 6 water bottles, US grown organic cotton, and manufactured in a facility paying a living wage, helping create jobs in a country starved for employment.”

Nothing Too Fancy

Nothing Too Fancy is a retail store located in Knoxville, Tennessee. They order from Allmade frequently. This is what Dustin had to say about what he looks for:

“To be honest when I got into this business several years ago, I didn’t put a whole lot of thought into where our shirts came from. I just wanted the best shirt I could get for a reasonable price. As the brands we were using became more and more popular, we began noticing more and more issues with their products not meeting the quality standards we had grown accustomed to, such as inconsistencies with cuts, fabric, and dyes. We knew we had to make a change somewhere.

I had a friend in the business that offered to link us up with a cut and sew facility in China. My wife and I began looking at some of those options. When it came down to it, we just were not comfortable placing orders from a factory in China that we had only had minimal contact with through email. We wanted to be 100% sure that when we decided to work with a facility, it was legitimate. 

Fast forward to November 2016 when I received a request from Ryan Moor to have a virtual meeting. During the meeting he told us he was assembling a group of forward thinking screen printers from all over the country, from all different backgrounds to disrupt the status quo and pull back the veil on one of the dirtiest industries in the world, wholesale garment manufacturing. Ryan told us he only needed 30 minutes of our time to pitch us on the idea and ask us to join him on a trip to Haiti, to which we said yes, about 30 seconds into his 30 minute pitch.

Just a couple short weeks later we were down in Haiti visiting a potential sewing factory partner, LIFE, S.A. LIFE stands for Love is Forever and is a living wage garment sewing factory. It was during this first trip to Haiti that we knew we had made the right decision, not just for our business, or even for ourselves, but for the industry as a whole. Our eyes were opened to the realities of the wholesale garment manufacturing industry. We knew we had to be a part of the change.

Fast forward again, 20 months and 4 trips to Haiti later, what was just an idea when Ryan pitched is now a reality. Allmade is a blank apparel brand developed and built by screen printers for screen printers. Every little detail of this brand was put through the ringer of 10+ very passionate, influential people in the industry today and is constantly evolving. Nothing has been overlooked and no corner has been cut. Together we have developed a top quality garment that is not only ethically and sustainably made, but is also a fantastic product from a printer’s perspective. Allmade is made using the best sustainable ingredients; organic cotton, reprieve polyester, and modal to give you the best feeling tri-blend fabric available in the industry today.

Allmade is the most printer friendly garment in the industry today because it is designed by a collective of printers.  The fabric is smooth. It has little to no fibrillation or pilling of the fibers, which results in very clean smooth print image EVERYTIME. Allmade apparel is built to withstand high temperatures, resulting in little to no scorched garments in the printing process. Additionally, Allmade is the best tri-blend garment available for discharge prints. I haven’t seen any other tri-blend or poly-blend shirt discharge as well as these. The discharge quality is on par with some 100% cotton garments.

Allmade already has, and will continue to, MAKE IT BETTER!!”

Superior Ink

Superior Ink is a custom screen printing shop located in Denver, Colorado. Check out what Dominic, Superior Ink’s owner, had to say about what his company looks for in wholesale tees.

“Superior Ink relies heavily on customer preferences for purchasing wholesale apparel. To some, price is the most important factor. Buying decisions differ based on the industry, brand and consumer base. Fashion and streetwear industries typically lean toward the fit or cut as a priority. When it comes to Outdoor brands, sustainability and quality is typically the focus.  As printers, we look for tighter knits, softer fabrics and better dyes that will yield the best print results. There are very few brands that offer all 3 of these needs. This is why we advocate Allmade Apparel as a go to wholesale brand. They offer a good price, great story and premium fit + fabric + quality. There are many brands out there. To make the right decision on which to purchase, its important to understand the market and consumer.

Rockford Art Deli

Rockford Art Deli (RAD) is a fully manual shop located in Rockford, Illinois. They are committed to staying eco-friendly and sourcing USA made material. Take a look at why Jarrod, one of RAD’s owners, feels that Allmade is the right choice for them.  

“Before we use any product we personally print, wear, wash, repeat for at least a month before we will sell the shirt or offer it to a customer.  I was sold when I put on an Allmade shirt for the first time. I knew I would never wear another shirt. It is a win for us and our clients to have a shirt that is super soft and will print perfectly every time.  On top of the quality, adding on the Allmade story of how every shirt printed and sold makes it better was an extra perk for us. If you want to wear the best shirt on the planet then throw on an Allmade. You won’t not like it.”

Become an Allmade Wholesaler  

Whether you are looking for a shirt that is high quality, uses eco-friendly materials, or is ethically made, we have you covered with Allmade. If you are interested in getting access to our wholesale shirts, fill out our wholesale form here. We would love to have you join us on this journey of a better shirt for a better tomorrow.


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