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When Golden Press Studio moved into their new space, they set a challenging goal for themselves — keep the shop clean. Looking for ways to achieve that goal, they stumbled upon water-based pallet adhesive. Not only has it helped keep their space spotless, it has also been a valuable asset to their screen printing process. Don't believe me? Listen to Jonathan explain how it has impacted their shop as well as best practices for using the adhesive.


Applying water-based pallet adhesive is straightforward. Squeeze some of the adhesive onto the platen, smear it around so it covers majority of the platen, and stick it under a flash to warm it up and make it sticky. 

platen underneath a flash dryer

PRO TIP: Sticking the platen underneath the flash dryer will show whether or not the platen tape has any air bubbles. If you do notice a few bubbles, pop them and smooth them out.

With shorter runs, about 20-some shirts or less, one layer of adhesive will do the trick. If the run is more than 20 shirts, applying a second layer of adhesive will increase its durability. 

hand applying water based pallet adhesive on pallet

The biggest tip Jonathan has to share is to ensure that the adhesive is smooth. If the adhesive has bumps or any texture isn't ideal because the texture will appear on the print. Keep it smooth and flat, and you won't have a worry in the world. 


When you're printing, lint will build up on the platen. Instead of ripping off the platen tape, all you have to do is spray the area with water, scrub the lint off, throw the platen underneath the flash, and it's as good as new.

sgreen water based pallet adhesive on a pallet


The longevity of the water-based adhesive is amazing. When Jonathan was using spray adhesive, he'd mist the platen after every shirt. Not only did that action get more adhesive on everything, it also made Jonathan go through a lot of adhesive quickly. With water-based pallet adhesive, Jonathan is able to go through hundreds of shirts without needing to reapply the adhesive. Plus, if you're working with garments that have a lot of lint (looking at you, hoodies), all you have to do is scrub the lint off and the adhesive still works. It's pretty great.

You can dilute the adhesive up to 50%, and it still works perfectly. Having the option to dilute the product means that it'll last longer in your shop (who doesn't want to save some cash?). 

hand on platen

It leaves no residue on garments. No icky, sticky glue will exist on any shirt. Providing a high-quality product while streamlining your process is key to any shop.

It's clean. With water-based pallet adhesive, you're not spraying the glue everywhere. You're not inhaling the adhesive particles from the aerosol can. Your shop and your lungs will thank you over the long run.


Do you see any reason to stick with spray adhesive? Didn't think so. If you haven't already, give water-based pallet adhesive a try. You may never turn back to spray adhesive again.

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