You're Invited to Calimucho's Print and Destroy Live Streaming Event  |

"Calimucho Screen Printing and Together We Are Stronger present Print and Destroy, a one night fundraising variety show telethon extravaganza full of music, live screen printing, and art all hosted by outrageous, sub-genius personality, the Kernal. A longing for live screen printing and the remnant fading serotonin drip of live music led to the idea of bringing it to you online and throwing a big party for Calimucho’s third anniversary. With the pivot of opening a fundraising web store, Calimucho’s Together We Are Stronger has donated close to $60,000 for Covid relief to small businesses, venues, independent artists and various charities since April, so now it only makes sense to go bigger to raise more and set a goal of fundraising for $25,000." — Print and Destroy

WHEN: Friday, November 13

TIME: 5:00 PM-10:00 PM PST

WHERE: Twitch TV

PRICE: Free!

MORE INFORMATION: Print and Destroy website

The Calimucho team has missed live screen printing intensely. One day as they were enjoying beers during their shop's happy hour, their ink mix guru had a question: “Since we miss live screen printing so much, how about we do a live steam live screen printing event?” The team loved the idea and it grew from there. 

Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s, the team had immersed themselves in skateboarding, punk rock, and hip hop. After digesting many issues of Thrasher, the artist Craig Stecyk inspired them for the name of their event from his iconic Skate And Destroy logo.

"We joke about how printing is destroying our bodies so why the heck not, PRINT AND DESTROY," Owner Kevin said.

Live streaming on Twitch TV, the shop has obtained footage from bands and artists that they've worked with in the past. The crew also recorded five new band sets in their shop for the event. Some bands have submitted footage from music videos as well. The schedule will be released a few days before the event, so check out their site to see the lineup then!

"We want people to be able to enjoy a variety of music and art from around the country and world," Kevin said.

Between sets of music, the event will cut to Kevin and Raul live printing. Hosted by the Kernal, he'll show off the different prints the two will be printing in order to raise money to donate to many causes.

"We want people to feel involved in change and one way to be able to help is to support the various causes that we will be representing," Kevin said.

Calimucho has always wanted to give back to the community, but didn't know how. When the pandemic rolled in, Printed Threads shared an idea to set up a community store to raise money for struggling artists and businesses while also keeping the shop afloat. Calimucho jumped on the idea and created, "Together We Are Stronger," and it took off. They have been able to donate more than $60,000. They've donated to small businesses; local artists; music venues; and nonprofits like Black Lives Matter, The Loveland Foundation, and more.

"Let's be real, this community involvement saved our business and went way bigger than we ever thought it could," Kevin said. "So we have decided to keep the campaign going indefinitely because there is always going to be areas that need help and it's great to give artists a platform to raise money for things they believe in."

To keep the campaign going, the crew hopes to raise $25,000 dollars at the live streaming event. They plan to donate the proceeds to the following establishments:

  • Watts Community Core
  • Save Our Stages
  • LA Food Bank
  • JonnyCat's Cancer Treatment
  • National Autism Association
  • 4th St. Vine
  • Bull Valley Roadhouse
  • Channel St. Skatepark
  • Derby Dolls
  • Koop Radio

To help the crew reach their goal, purchase a shirt during the event or participate in the raffle and possibly win prizes for Vans, Ryonet products, and an assortment of record labels. 

"Music, art, and community have always been a big part of what we are about. We love our town San Pedro and we want them to know we are here and we are here to help," Kevin said. "This will additionally be a celebration of three years in our building and now an expansion into a second warehouse here. We love to party, we love community, we love music, we love fun, we love you, share the love with us!"

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