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Green Galaxy Aurora Force 4 Color Process Inks

An ominous absence of color is taking over the Huemon galaxy and the creatures of the universe must band together to overcome this mysterious entity before it spreads! Each Sector of the galaxy is sending its brightest warriors to bring light and color back to all life forms.

Achelous of the Cyan Sector brings with him the crushing power of all his people's oceans.

Flora of the Magenta Sector comes bearing the poisonous tendrils of her vibrant, terrestrial race.

Apollo of the Yellow Sector comes wielding the glorious heat and energy of the sun.

Nyx of the Black Sector is prepared to infiltrate the entity with her skulking shadows.

Together, these four heroes form AURORA FORCE 4. They must unite their energies to cast a spectrum of light so bright that this infection may never return to Huemon.

Join the heroes today! By combining the powers of the Huemon Sectors, YOU TOO can form infinite spectrums of color that will forever defend the Milky Way!