Blackmax Epson 1900 All Black Ink Cartridge Set

$240.99Retail Price

$240.99Retail Price








Available for the R1900 when using AccuRip! We've partnered the BLACKMAX™ ink system with our special AccuRip software which directs the R1900 printer to draw equally from each cartridge. Eight 18ml cartridges load the Epson R1900 printer with a lethal arsenal of dye based ink producing maximum opacity films (when using Ryonet's affordable Water Proof R-Film™). Total ink yield for these cartridges is over 110ml of black ink.

Consumer note Epson R1900 BlackMax™ ink cartridges are color coded to ensure proper placement in print. There is black ink within the cartridge even though a color is labeled on the top of it. You must use AccuRip software in order to print all black ink with this cartridge system.
Available for the R1900 when using AccuRip

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