Green Galaxy CryoCoat Emulsion - Quart

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Green Galaxy Cryocoat is a performance emulsion that offers a number of advantages for those shops that can meet its somewhat particular exposure requirements.

It is not recommended for use with exposure units smaller than 25x36, and should absolutely not be used with our DIY bulbs. For those applications, Ryonet WBP Emulsion is a better choice.

For shops that can give CryoCoat a strong enough exposure over a large enough area for consistent exposure, the emulsion offers many advantages. It holds up during long production runs for water based, discharge, and plastisol ink, without the need for chemical hardening*. It was specially formulated with the exact consistency to penetrate into the mesh and bond through the knuckles, providing superior emulsion over mesh (EOM) quality. It holds pristine detail during high output automatic production, and it reclaims easily enough to be used as any manual shop’s number one choice for high performing versatile emulsion.

*For long run water based/discharge production we recommend the use of Green Galaxy™ CryoPrep screen mesh degreaser and adhesion promoter.
  • Water resistant.
  • No hardeners needed.
  • Durable enough for long print runs using water based and discharge inks
  • Holds pristine detail during automatic printing.
  • High solids concentration allows for superior penetration of mesh.
  • Extremely fast exposure time for quicker screen burning.


"CryoCoat Green Galaxy Emulsion has allowed us to eliminate the need for multiple emulsions in our shop. Previously we were using different emulsions for the various inks we print for our clients but after months of testing we have found the green galaxy emulsion preforms well on a wide selection of inks including plastisol, waterbase, hsa and discharge style inks. We have been able to use this emulsion for our award winning simulated process printing as well as our basic spot color work without having to make any procedural changes. It has allowed us to streamline our pre press department largely in part to having a pre mixed emulsion that can work for any job thrown our way from high qty discharge prints to full color high detailed printing. The last major benefit we have seen is we are yielding 40 more screens per gallon of emulsion then we had been with our previous go to emulsion. Coating, imaging, and reclaiming have never been so easy for us using this emulsion. From basic spot color to 100,000+ pcs discharge runs this emulsion has proven itself to preform under any print scenario we throw at it."

Danny Gruninger

Denver Print House | @denverprinthouse
Active Additive:

No additive needed (pre-sensitized)




Green Galaxy™ CryoCoat Photopolymer Emulsion is pre-sensitized and ready for use. Apply to clean, degreased, and dried screen mesh with a scoop-coater using appropriate application techniques. We recommend using Green Galaxy™ CryoPrep screen mesh degreaser and adhesion promoter for long run water based/discharge production. For shorter print runs and high mesh counts, use the sharp edge of the squeegee and coat each side only one time. Be sure to rotate the screen so that you are pushing the emulsion from both sides to bond around the knuckles of the mesh. To create a thicker stencil or for longer production runs, coat up to two times per side, using the rounded edge. Allow your freshly coated screen to dry, shirt side down. Expose your screen with UV light. As with all emulsions, we recommend testing for appropriate exposure time for your unit, before exposing your design. Harden your stencil in post-exposure by duplicating the first exposure, after you have rinsed and dried the screen. This can also be accomplished by drying your screen in the sun. Reclaiming Green Galaxy™ CryoCoat is easy and works with most stencil removers or reclaimers that are available in concentrate and ready-to-use formulas. Follow proper instructions for reclaiming.

Shelf Life:

Opened: 6-8 month

Exposure Variables: Exposure variables depend on mesh count, mesh color, EOM / stencil thickness, and relative humidity. 

Lower mesh = slower exposure / Higher mesh = faster exposure 

Thicker stencil = slower exposure / Thinner stencil = faster exposure 

More moisture = slower exposure / Less moisture = faster exposure 

Yellow mesh = slower exposure / White mesh = faster exposure 

Suggested Exposure Times: 

  • FX - 450 LED: Low Mesh 2/1 Coat 8-10 Seconds
  • FX - 450 LED: High Mesh 2/1 Coat 7-8 Seconds
  • Scanning LED: 8-12 seconds 
  • Flatbed LED: 15-18 seconds 
  • Metal Halide 6000 Watt: 10-12 light units 
  • Metal Halide 3000 Watt: 20-24 light units 
  • Metal Halide 1000 Watt : 33-48 light units 
  • CFL Fluorescent Unfiltered UV - 240 Watts (X-Vactor, RXP2536): 
    • Low Mesh w/ 1/1 Coat = 50-55 seconds
    • High Mesh w/ 1/1 Coat = 45-50 seconds 

Helpful Hints to Ensure Your Emulsion Lasts Longer Once Mixed:
  • Keep in a cool area, emulsion will break down much faster in heat. Keeping emulsion in a fridge can help to give a slightly extended shelf life, however, emulsion that has gotten to the point of freezing will no longer work properly and must be replaced.
  • Keep the emulsion lid on tight to preserve air and light leaks.
  • Gently mix the emulsion each time before use to help extend the life.
  • To ensure best results, date your emulsion once mixed and keep an extra container on hand once the emulsion is about to expire, environmental factors such as temperature and humidity can cause emulsion to expire more quickly.*
*Environmental factors such as temperature and humidity can cause emulsion to expire more quickly.




    Not a great a emulsion....


    Tried this emulsion out to see if was better than the one I was using since I use alot of water based but honestly I did not like it I followed the directions as stated and reviewed videos but when it came down to the print the ink was some how staying in the screen leaving blotches on my designs I thought it was my ink at first then tested all my other equipment but no I tried my other emulsion same design and no problem. Maybe I was doing something wrong but I wouldn't recommend this product didn't work for me at all and had to back order items for a customer because of it. If you have something that already works great just stick with what you got. It was a headache to try to figure out what it was and it was this emulsion.


    by -

    Stuff worked great for me and the water-based printing I do. Had a long shelf-life too -- I have used it successfully many, many months after its' recommended fresh date.

    Cure times are misleading, but good product

    by -

    I have only used two emulsions in my short screen printing life. Of the two I prefer this one but I have found that a full day cure works better than a short cure time. Any time I tried to cure for less than a day the emulsion did not work well. If you can let it cure longer it seems to work better. Outside of that, everything else has worked well for me.