Wilflex Epic Lava Plastisol Ink

Wilflex™ Epic Lava is a non-phthalate ink exclusively from Ryonet with a perfect balance of vibrant color, creaminess, and opacity for the best press performance and color design.

Epic Lava's increased opacity helps printers get to color quicker on press even when using fine mesh screen sizes, saving printers ink and money.

Wilflex Epic Lava Testimonials

Amazing is the best way I can describe the ink!

"We have been searching for almost a year for a fast printing white plastisol ink. We had tried almost every brand out there we could get our hands on and none would clear the mesh in less than two passes. I had read reviews of the new Epic Lava white and decided to give it a try. Amazing is the best way I can describe the ink. It clears our 150 count screens in one pass at full speeds on the ROQ. Almost doubling our printing speeds by enabling a single stroke underbase. Due to the thick creamy body of the ink, we are able to get full opaqueness on most colors of shirts with two passes, without the need to flash in between strokes. This also saves a tremendous amount of time. Hands down the best white plastisol we have ever used."

-J Jones - SingleInk.com


"The best ink I have used to date. Ready to print straight from the container! Very opaque, also helps with fibrillation. Highly recommended for anyone looking to get the highest quality out of their inks."

- Up All Night Ink

Truly Epic.

"In 25 years of screen printing and having tried literally every white I could get my hands on, I can finally say the best ink I have used to date. Don't let it fool you out of the can. This ink feels heavy coming out but once you move it , you would think you are printing cotton white. Really easy to get thru your mesh and excellent fiber mat down. Even better Printed on my ROQ. Another Thank You to the Ryonet team for making my job easier."

-Liberty Tom