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ROQ Automatic Presses FAQ

FAQ About ROQ International

Where are ROQ Automatic Machines manufactured?
ROQ presses are made in northern Portugal, in Europe, in the heart of the fabric district. The ROQ factory has two divisions, one is ROQ which makes screen printing equipment, and the other is RoqLaser, an industrial manufacturer of laser cut parts for the European market. RoqLaser contracts with large companies like Volkswagen and BMW. To find out more information about ROQ visit:

How long has S.Roque been in business?

ROQ has been in business since 1984 and has grown consistently since its inception. The business was started by the two Sa brothers and functions like a close-knit but growing family business. Before Ryonet partnered with ROQ, Ryan and two Ryonet team members traveled to Portugal to visit ROQ and answer the question of ROQ's history. After seeing the factories and meeting the Sa brothers, we were impressed by the company's infrastructure and strength. ROQ has done well and built a very strong company for the same reason as Ryonet, it focuses on helping ROQ customers succeed and benefits from those relationships. Click here to find out more about the Ryonet visit to ROQ in Portugal.

FAQ About ROQ + Ryonet US/Canada

Where can I see a ROQ Automatic Machine in action?

Ryonet + ROQ has placed hundreds of machines throughout the US and Canada. To find a press near you, please email You can also see a ROQ press at the following Ryonet training locations: Vancouver, WA - Oakland, CA - Chicago, IL - Naples, FL - Long Island, NY.

Can I talk to a ROQ Automatic Press owner?

Absolutely! Simply email us at and weäó»ll connect you with a local ROQ owner based on your business needs. You can also read about some of our ROQ family in these places:

What warranty is available for the US and Canada?

ROQ Automatic Presses come with a limited warranty

What is covered?
  • Labor cost for technician's time
  • Travel associated with repair
  • 24/7 Toll-Free Support Line or Skype for diagnosing and resolving issues remote
    Ryonet's commitment to service.

    One of the core values at Ryonet is to serve. Weäó»ve built a business around supplying equipment and supplies to printers in order to help them succeed. Our A+ BBB rating proves that we meet this goal. We work with our clients to make travel costs managable if travel is needed by adding an additional stop onto a pre-existing trip. We document all service incidents in our system in order to track the process, and we help by training ROQ owners to fix simple things on their own equipment, empowering them to achieve operational status quicker when issues do arise.

    If I decide to upgrade my machine, do you offer trade-ins?

    We do offer upgrades and trade-ins. Our techs are trained to uninstall, move and install ROQ presses, so the process is fairly simple once you decide to upgrade.

    Are replacement parts readily available, and how long does it take to receive them?

    Yes, about 80% of the parts used for ROQ Automatic Presses are available through your local Grainger or industrial parts supplier. Ryonet stocks all non-domestic replacement parts needed for quick replacements at our WA location, and can expedite them to you if something were to happen. Our WA warehouse is available for next day air shipment until 8pm EST and 5pm PST.

    What is the installation process?

    Ryonet employs a team of ROQ technicians to handle all of our installs. We have strategically placed them so that we can react quickly, should the need arise. We also have certified third party technicians that we can call upon on, should the need arise. Installation and travel expenses will be included in the price of your quote.

    FAQ About ROQ Equipment

    Is it easy to operate a ROQ Automatic Machine?

    ROQ presses use a central console that controls the press and all of its accessories. We designed this control panel to be intuitive and user-friendly.

    Is everything controlled from the center console during the setup?

    There is a command panel integrated into each print head. Each print head offers an additional control panel allowing the user to control all of the functions pertaining to that station, as well as start, stop and pallet rotation features.

    What are the advantages of ROQ pallets?

    ROQ machines use aluminum honeycomb pallets. This is the optimal material in screen printing pallet construction, offering temperature regulation and light-weight construction. Since these pallets are lighter than traditional pallets, they allow for lower energy consumption and eliminate inertia problems.

    How do ROQ Automatic Machines deal with mid-operation cleanings?

    The print heads have a mechanical balancing system that allows for effortless manual lifting of the print head for cleaning screens. In the OVAL EVOLUTION, this feature is automated.

    What printing functions can be controlled?
    All print heads are equipped with height adjustment, angle and stroke lengths, as well as adjustable print speed and flood speed. Squeegee movement is controlled by an AC electric inverter. On the NANO, squeegee movement is pneumatic.

    What systems are offered for screen securing?

    ROQs use a pneumatic screen holder, or "U" clamp. This pneumatic screen holder features a pin system, front to back.

    How accurate is the micro registration system?

    ROQ uses a micro registration system with vernier scaling - a precision system that allows for accurate, simple and quick final adjustment of the screens.

    Where can flash cure units be placed?

    Flash cure units, such as ROQDRY, can be rolled under any print head when lifted in the high position. Power is run from a centralized outlet located on the base of the machine, eliminating the need for an external power drop. Additionally, there is a command connection at the base of the machine allowing the flash cure unit to communicate with the main control panel. The NANO press has flash cure units incorporated into the machine.

    What system is used to connect ROQ accessories to a ROQ Automatic Machine?
    Connections for the flash cure units are centralized on the machine frame base. All ROQPRINT accessories are connected directly to the machine frame using these ports. Available connections may include compressed air, centralized power and a control cable to sync the module/accessory with the machine, making the whole work as one, and avoiding any loose cables in your shop.

    What is the advantage of the laser positioning unit?
    Lasers allow for quick garment or substrate loading. All ROQPRINT machines can be equipped with lasers to ensure easy placement of the item to be printed.

    What is the ""Skip"" function?
    The ""Skip"" function allows the operator to indicate to the machine to skip a pallet during printing. By avoiding that pallet, you can generate savings in energy and consumables. This option can come in both button and pedal form.

    Why do ROQ Automatic Presses require a larger dryer?
    Automatic screen printing equipment outputs at much higher speeds than a manual press. The average print speed of a ROQ is 1000 pieces per hour or more. Not having a large enough dryer to accept that volume level coming from the press would be like investing in a supercharged pickup, but putting tiny spare tires on it. We recommend you pair your ROQ with a dryer that can handle the production volume of a ROQ and at least one manual press at the same time. Ryonet has appropriate dryer options available in both gas and electric. Check out the ROQ Tunnel Conveyor Dryer or email for more information.

    What size compressor is required to run a ROQ Automatic Press?
    While ROQ Automatic Presses are primarily electric, we recommend that owners obtain adequate compressors to feed the press with additional air compression. ROQ Automatic Presses use compressed air to lift the print heads during the print cycle, as well as applying pressure to the squeegee, floodbar, and screen clamps. Typically, an industrial air compressor of 7.5-10hp with a chiller attached to keep the air clean and dry is sufficient. Some of the smaller ROQ YOU Automatic Presses can operate using a 5hp compressor, but we recommend the larger option. Our motto is "buy nice or buy twice". A good compressor is worth the investment, since you will always need a reliable and clean source of air in your shop. Rotary screw compressors operate more efficiently and quietly than piston compressors, but are more expensive. We recommend that you find a local compressor company to buy your machine from. Local business will be able to service and support your needs as they arise.

    Is the PRU table required?
    No. You can register your screens the old fashioned way, providing you have burned the images in the proper placement. However, if you have a full service shop and time is a factor then a PRU table is worth the investment. You will be able to burn and set up jobs in a fraction of the time. The PRU table works on a pin system which is built into the machine, as opposed to using installed jigs. No more 3 point systems.

    Are ROQ Automatic Press pallets compatible with my Riley Hopkins Manual Press?
    ROQ pallets are not designed to fit onto the standard Riley Hopkins Press! However, the RileyROQ Manual Press is a ROQ-compatible manual press and is compatible with ROQ honeycomb aluminum pallets.

    What are the electrical requirements for the ROQ Automatic Machine?
    We recommend using three phase power for all SR equipment, although single phase is available. We request that when placing an order, or for general inquiries, you provide us with your exact power specifications and we will match it up.

    How many shirts can ROQ Automatic Machines print per hour?
    Most of the ROQ presses print in the range of 1000 unit per hour. Flashing will reduce the print volume, depending on the print complexity.

    Is the ROQ Automatic Press capable of printing with foil and flock?
    The ROQ Eco and Oval Automatic Screen Printing Machines can handle additional foil and flock stations. These accessories can be used individually or together, making these automatic machines a powerhouse for special applications.