So, you want to screen print. Know what would be helpful to make that happen? Screen printing equipment. Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been in the game for awhile, Ryonet has the best screen printing equipment and supplies you can get on the market.

Ready to start screen printing? To make that happen, you need screen printing equipment. Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been in the game for a while, has top-tier screen printing supplies and equipment for the best price.

MANUAL SCREEN PRINTING PRESSES offers a wide variety of manual screen printing presses. No matter what size of shop you have, there’s a perfect press waiting for you. Starting up a side hustle or small shop? Check out the Riley Hopkins 150. This press is perfect for printers starting to dip their toes into screen printing. Choose from a one-color or four-color press to best fit your needs.

Looking to jumpstart your screen print career? The Riley Hopkins 250 is for you. With XY micro-registration, more platens, and more print heads, you can break out from the pack. Choose from four-color, one-station (4x1) all the way up to six-color, four-station (6x4) to find the press that will take your screen print shop to the next level.  

Running a high-volume print shop? The Riley Hopkins 360 line has everything you’ll need. Built like a race car, this press performs at the highest level. Spring loaded XYZ micros, a heavy-duty base, and customization options make these presses the ultimate manual screen printing machines. With size options ranging from six-color, four-station (6x4) to eight-color, six-station (8x6), this press is built to go full throttle.



Every shop needs a flash unit. Whether it’s used to flash garments during a print run or using the flash to cure the ink, a flash dryer is a must in any size shop. Flash dryers speed up production and can cure garments more reliably than a heat gun.

There are plenty of options for choosing the perfect flash unit for your shop. Small flash units, like the 16x16, are perfect for printers starting out. This unit uses a household plug, so printers can place it anywhere. Larger flash units provide a bigger heat surface and more detailed controls. They also require more industrial circuits for power.

Looking to print water-based ink? Check out the Riley Flash Forced Air Dryer. This flash unit provides the optimal curing method for water-based ink. Having both infrared and an air dryer, the RileyFlash Forced Air pushes hot air evenly across the print, evaporating the water. The flash also has a blower in the back of the dryer, providing a steady stream of air throughout the t-shirt.


Made with high-quality aluminum and thick foam, Baselayr exposure units encompass technology that’ll take your screen printing to the next level. Burn your screens with accuracy and speed using LED lighting. It’s faster and burns crisp clean screens. With LED light using less energy than other light sources, it’ll keep money in your pockets.


There are a few options when it comes to choosing an exposure unit, too. Compression units use weight to create positive contact (the space between the light source, glass, and film). These units can expose great detail when used properly.

Printers utilizing halftones will want a vacuum exposure unit. The vacuum creates perfect positive contact. Coupled with 405 nm (nanometer) light, it’s the perfect combination.

Not sure which exposure unit is best for your shop? Check out this blog for a guide.


Turn up the heat on your production speed with a conveyor dryer. Conveyor dryers help shops ramp up production and increase their shirts per minute. There are so many options to choose from, so finding the best dryer for your shop is easy.

Got limited space? Check out the RileyCure Table Top dryer. It’s compact yet powerful, and can sit on — you guess it — a tabletop or press cart. Simply move it out of the way when not in use.

If you’re in the market for a larger dryer, check out the RileyCure 245 and 248 dryers. With tons of control, this conveyor can be dialed in to fit any production level.

Need to cure water-based or discharge inks? The RileyCure Forced Air Conveyor is perfect for your shop. It’ll evaporate water from water-based inks quickly, then dwell for an extended period of time in the second zone at its cure temperature. Combined with the forced air technology, nothing can stop the conveyor dryer from producing optimal results.


Film Output Systems

Without a good screen, it’s impossible to create a good print. To get that phenomenal screen, you’ll need top-notch screen printing film, imaging supplies, a film outprint printer, and inkjet film transparency replacements. Good thing you’ve come to the right place. Take a look and see which peaks your interest.


A heat press is a great tool for every screen print shop. Heat presses can handle transfers and foil, and can even cure garments. Shop a large selection of heat presses at digital presses, clamshell presses, swing-away presses, and more.



Screen racks and press carts fill a vital role in a screen print shop. They’re essential for storing screens, mounting tabletop presses, and organizing your printing space.

It’s no secret that screens need a safe place to dry before they can be used. A screen rack keeps screens organized. With 20 slots and casters, it’s the perfect screen storage solution.

Press carts can function in many ways. Mount a tabletop press, like the Riley Hopkins 150, to the cart, use it as a utility cart, or place other small equipment like a tabletop dryer on it. The screen carts have storage for up to 10 screens underneath. You can store everything you need for a print job in one place. When printing is over, simply roll it out of the way.


Screen printing isn’t a zero-waste industry. In order to dispose of waste like ink, emulsion, and chemicals, you need a washout booth. Reclaiming screens in a bathtub might be a temporary solution, but it’s best to have the proper equipment for efficient reclaim.

With multiple washout booths, there’s one for every shop. Choose from sizes from a tabletop booth to a large, free-standing 72” booth to find the best washout booth for your shop needs.

There’s another thing your shop needs: a filtration system. As we mentioned, sending chemicals down your drain can lead to plumbing problems. Eliminate those issues before they happen by using a filtration system. The system filters particles down to 20 microns, and they can safely pass through pipes without causing a clog. Check out this blog to learn more about filtrations units.

Reclaim gets even easier with a dunk tank. Simply fill it with a screen cleaning solution, place screens in for a few minutes, and voila! The hard work of reclaiming a screen has been done for you. Dunk tanks are a great reclaim solution for printers with lots of screens to reclaim.


Screen printing kits are perfect for when you are starting your business or trying to improve your current screen printing shop. Shop packages come in a variety of supplies, sizes, and price ranges, for shops of any kind.

Why purchase a shop package? Well, you could spend time shopping around, adding equipment and supplies to your cart individually, and hope you don’t miss something vital. After all that searching, the price tag might seem a little daunting. By buying a shop package, we’ve done the hard work for you.

Kits have everything printers need to start a screen print shop. From exposure units and presses to ink, chemicals, and even tape, it’s all there. All you’ll need to do is assemble your shop and start printing. With one click, you’ll be certain that you have everything you need.


DTG Kits & Packages

Ready to go digital? Direct-to-garment printers are the answer to that calling. DTG printers can print on anything – pockets, polo shirts, socks, sleeves, leggings, hoodies, baby bibs and bodysuits, pants, underwear, t-shirts – you get the idea. If you buy a DTG kit, you’ll get a printer, software, ink, solutions, cables, user guide, and more. Ready to go bigger? Snag a package where you’ll get what’s in the kit plus a heat press, screen and ink press cart, conveyor dryer, and more. Get perusing!


Riley Hopkins 150 Press

Awesome Starter Press

"Bought the ~200$ blue one from Amazon and when I put it together realized how terrible it was so I decided might as well drop a little more money and save the stress. This thing [150 Press] is perfect if you’re just getting started but still want professional-level equipment! Easy to assemble and no tweaking or modifications needed to get a perfect print."

-Soren C.

Baselayr V2331 Exposure Unit

Fantastic Exposure Unit

"Hello everybody, recording live from somewhere...... seriously though, this is a quality exposure unit. I've been screen printing for 6 years now and I've used it all. From Saati to NuArc/M&R to Ranar and AWT etc....and this exposure unit does just as good of a job exposing screens, if not better. Very impressed with the user friendliness as well, very straightforward. If you aren't an experienced screen printer though, the basic users guide it comes with definitely needs some help though. The best piece of advice I could give entry level printers is to make sure you stick about 2 to 3 inches of your little black rubber tubing "nylon" into the suction tube, directly over to your screen frame, you'll get incredible suction results. Much better than if you were to just drap it from screen to glass. This unit is half the cost or more than half the cost the other brands I mentioned, for the same or even better results., please consider creating a more detailed user's guide for people, I truly believe that it would go a long way. Nonetheless, I highly recommend this unit."


RileyCure Conveyor Dryer

Assemble Was An EASE!!!

"Wow! when it arrived in 4 different boxes, on a pallet, i was initially intimidated. I felt like this was going to take longer than a bookcase from IKEA to assemble. Boy, was I WRONG!!!! This thing was sooooo easy to assemble. I almost wanted to take it apart and assemble it again. BBC & Ryonet did one helluva job with this RILEY CURE!!!"

Echo4 Design



"Amazing. Screen Set-Up and following adjustments are so easy. Consistent registration and really like the height, which is adjustable. Overall best machine I've ever used."

Topher D.