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Allure Galaxy Pink HSA Water Based Glow Ink


As explorers of the far reaches of the galaxy, our mission is to seek out the highest quality raw cosmic materials to make screen printing supplies that are out of this world. Using advanced alien technology, we've discovered a way to harness the energy of a star to give our most advanced HSA water-based ink the ability to emit a glowing light.

Make your designs glow with Allure Galaxy HSA Glow Inks, a single component water based glow in the dark ink. Seen in daylight this ink exhibits it's specific color and has the same appearance and soft hand feeling of a typical water-based print, but once exposed to darkness, it glows with a strong light. 

  • PVC free.
  • HSA water-based formula provides excellent printability.
  • Wash-fastness for long-term durability.
  • Print on cotton, cotton blends, and pair with Warp Drive for synthetic fabrics.
  • Glows in the dark after being exposed to UV light.

Allure Galaxy™ inks ships from the manufacturer in Los Angeles, CA. 

Technical Information:

Screen Mesh:
Print using a double pass or print flash print through 110-200 mesh. Screens mesh depends on the color and amount of glow you are trying to achieve.

Use a white underbase or white discharge base in the case of 100 percent cotton. It is important to use a white underbase on dark garments to maintain the full percentage of glow ability.

Cure ink for a minimum of 2.5 - 3 minutes at 340-360 °F (170-180°C). With the addition of Galaxy™ Warp Drive, reduce to 180°F - 280°F and leave for 48 hours.

Use water or Sgreen™ Aqua Wash for wash-up on wet ink.

Keep lids on containers to avoid contamination and drying of the Ink.