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Ergo Force Squeegee 70 Durometer

9 reviews

Ryonet's Ergo Force Squeegee. There are many reasons to love this squeegee: it's comfortable to hold, smooth and intuitive to print with, exerts more pressure and cleans nicely. The Ergo Force Squeegee just might be the best squeegee in the world! Try Ryonet's new Ergo Force Squeegee for yourself and fall in love with screen printing all over again as you print with it, you'll see why. Some assembly is required.

What durometer should you use?

60 durometer is one of the softest blades and allows for a thicker ink deposit through lower mesh counts. It's ideal for special effects like puff, high density, glitters, and shimmers.

70 durometer is by most popular and versatile in the garment industry. It's a great general purpose blade for just about everything.

80 durometer provides a stronger force and leaves minimal ink deposit. This durometer is best for designs going through higher mesh counts with lots of fine details and halftones where a think ink deposit is needed for design clarity.

70/90/70 triple durometer gives you the benefits of the 70 durometer blade edge, which creates a good deposit of ink. With 90 durometer as the spine, you'll experience greater pressure applied during printing with minimal squeegee blade deflection. The triple durometer allows more ink to be laid down compared to an 80 durometer blade.

Features & Specs:

  • Made from high tolerance machined aluminum with an anodized finish
  • Modular design allows the Ergo Force squeegee to be expanded in size
  • Squeegee blade holding mechanism allows for use of both sides of the squeegee blade and easy replacement
  • Patent pending design allows the squeegee to excerpt more pressure while using softer blades, this gives you the best of all worlds and makes printing much easier for you
  • Great for pull or push printing
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United States United States
I recommend this product
Definitely an upgrade!

Cleans easy, stands up, feels far so good


Hey, hey, hey! WHOOO! Ergo Force to the rescue! We're so glad you're enjoying it so far :) We hope it helps keep those hands, elbows, and wrists printing for a looooong time - Screen Printers forever! :) Thanks for your time and feedback! Best, Kayli B

Eddie M.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Great build quality

if you're thinking about switching over to aluminum squeegees, do it! saves a lot of pain on your wrist!! aluminum > wood

Michael T.
United States United States
I recommend this product

I’m starting my own shop AGAIN and had to get several new items and ryonet is my go to place!! Prices are fair but customer service is DA BOMB!!! And this is a huge portion of my continual business with them!! If you are having issues ordering, give em a call. If ya have an issue after your purchase, call em!! They go above and beyond!!!

Theresa B.
United States United States
Perfect squeegee!

Besides the great customer service, this squeegee was a new one to try but i do have to say it was worth the try! It handles easy, not very heavy or bulky and worth every penny!

Give it a try. Game Changer

Im new to printing (just a year) ever sense i started ive used wood handles. One day i realized i needed a smaller Squeegee for chest prints. So I got this aluminum handle to give it a shot. I figured if i didn't like it no big deal at least it would be easier to clean. Boy what a game changer. I was printing white chest prints on Navy blue hoodies. I don't know why but man it was clearing the screen so much better with way less pressure. I don't know maybe my wooden one a worn out or what but huge difference. Even if thats the case these are worth the money just with how much easier they are to clean and how mush easier they are on your hands while printing. So give it a try. Im about to trade out all my wood ones for these.