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Green Galaxy Booster Kit - Gallons

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Fuel the vibrancy of your water based printing with these uniquelyformaldehyde-free Green Galaxy™ Booster Inks. These versatilefluorescent water based inks can be printed directly onto cotton orsynthetic fibers, mixed into Green Galaxy™ Water Based Inks for a boostin vibrancy, and used in tandem with the Green Galaxy™ Fusion MixingSystem to achieve certain Pantone® colors. With a perfectly balancedpigment load for effortless mixing, extensive in-screen open times, AB(Anti-Block) technology, and the flexibility to be used with Warp Drivefor use on synthetic printing mediums, Ryonet's Green Galaxy™ BoosterInks are launching the Green Galaxy™ line into a class of it's own.

Mixing Instructions:

Formaldehyde free - Fully curable,ready for use. Print directly on cotton, or synthetic fabrics, or add to Green Galaxyª Inks to boost colors and achieve certain Pantone¨ colors. To print on dark polyester, use Green Galaxyª Warp Drive with GreenGalaxyª Comet White underbase. For creation of fluorescent shades withstandard Green Galaxyª Inks, we recommend using 20% - 50% Green GalaxyªBooster Ink. Can also be mixed directly into Green Galaxyª FusionPantone¨ formulas.

Curing Instructions:

Should be cured for minimum of 2 - 3mins at 320¡F - 360¡F. With Green Galaxyª Warp Drive, reduce to 180¡F -280¡F and leave for 48 hours.

Clean Up:

Use water or Sgreenª Aqua Wash for wash-up on wet ink.

Storage Info:

Keep container tightly closed. Store in cool,well-ventilated place. Do not breathe vapors. Wear protective gloves. Do not eat, drink or smoke when using. Wash hands thoroughly afterhandling. Dispose as specified by local, regional, national andinternational regulations.