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Wilflex Epic Rio Electric Fluorescent Yellow Plastisol Ink (Mixing Component)

by Wilflex
SKU IKPL-FO20038503-Q

Wilflex Epic Rio Electric Fluorescent Yellow Plastisol Ink is a part of the Epic Rio Mixing System but can also be used for direct print if slightly modified with Fashion Soft Base. The Rio mixing system is a non-phthalate finished ink mixing system formulated for a perfect balance of color accuracy and opacity for peak press performance and color design. It is an easy-to-use, easy-to-mix color mixing system with 18 inter-mixable colors that enable printers to produce accurate PANTONE® simulations. Epic Rio is the most opaque color system in our Epic line. The increased opacity helps printers get to color quicker on press even when using fine mesh screen sizes, saving printers ink and money.


  • Accurate and vibrant color match to Pantone.
  • Opaque.
  • Soft hand prints.
  • Matte finish.
  • Wet-on-wet printing.
  • 18 inter-mixable colors.




For single print colors, colors will reproduce best over white - light substrate or single white base plate on dark substrates. When direct printing over dark cotton, print-flash-print using lower mesh screens. For bleed resistance, use an under base white such as Wilflex Epic Polywhite.

Curing Instructions:

Flash at 220°F (105°C) for 3 - 5 seconds and cure at 300°F (150°C).

Clean Up:

Ink degradent or press wash.

Storage Information:

Store at 65-90°F (18-32°C), avoiding direct sunlight. Use within one year of manufacturing date.