But still are:

We thought you might need a chuckle… a little LOL in your afternoon! You can thank Nick (one of our resident video gurus and member of Ryonet’s Marketing team) for rounding up some pretty funny things commonly said to screen printers from our screen printer friends on Facebook.

10 Things That Should Never Be said to a Screen Printer

  1. You want how much to print ONE shirt?
  2. Can you email me the redone artwork and separation please?
  3. Can you print one and send it to me so I can see what it looks like?
  4. I can make the same thing at home.
  5. here’s my business card with my logo, that should work, right?
  6. Can you save those screens so I don’t have to pay for another setup? I’m going to order more later.
  7. Right now I only need five each design, but once my t-shrit line starts to sell I’m going to order like 600.
  8. I’ll send you the artwork tonight, can I pick up the shirts in the morning?
  9. Can’t you just grab my logo from my email signature?
  10. Can I get a quote for 200? Ok, I only need 50, same price right?


There’s your dose of hilaritysarcasm for today!

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