Near and dear our hearts is the work of our customers… from time to time we hear from some of you, and sometimes you’re telling us “Thank You”. Here’s the thing, it’s truly our pleasure. We love to share the awesomeness that is screen printing! We celebrate your victories right along with you and want to help trouble shoot your challenges. Every screen printer has a unique story to tell and we think that’s pretty cool. We received a letter recently from Eric Sanchez and wanted to tell you about his story. Things have changed a lot for him in the last several years—he and his wife, Maria, now run their own screen printing company called Kolor Splash. We asked Eric to share a little bit about his journey—How he started, what inspired him, what it means to have his own company, what it’s like working as a husband/wife team etc. Here is what he had to say:

It was about 8 years ago when I started in the screen printing business, as a part time sales rep for another screen printer. I found Ryonet when I bought my Yudu machine and after trying to find out how to do multiple colors… it was a little harder to use for multi-color jobs… after doing a little research I found Ryan all over YouTube with how-to information. 

It was in November 2010 when I purchased Corel Draw from Ryonet and found out I’m not an artist… that’s when my wife Maria stepped in—or I should say stepped up to the plate; she can figure out almost anything when it comes to the computer (or anything technical) and what she can’t figure out that’s where I come in. This is how we make a great match, and don’t get me wrong we are just like any other couple-we have our ups and downs, but most importantly we agree that its OK to disagree and walk away from it for a while. We then come back and get it done, and it seems we do a better job after the fact.

Ryonet has played a very important role for us. They have all helped us… TJ, Nikki, Vince and the one person we have always counted on is Nick Wood. Now that’s a guy who will never steer you wrong; he talked me into buying the semi-pro package instead of the SPHO package.


Moreover, Ryan has been a great influence to me and where I want my company to be in 5 years, 10, 20 years and beyond. There were nights where I would just look around YouTube and see what Ryan would have to say about screen printing, business books to read and his experience such as the do’s and dont’s. I have been most grateful in the investment I have made with my press and now it’s time for us to move out of the garage and into our own space to spread our wing (besides I think my father-in-law wants his garage back…haha)! 

Congrats to Eric and Maria as they transition into a new print space and continue to grow their business!!! Thanks for letting us know what you’re up to Eric, We are excited and honored to be a part of the process. Check out the Kolor Splash website and see what they’re up to here!

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