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Ever seen a T-shirt folded to perfection and thought it increased the value of the shirt? Folding T-shirts is a great way to increase the value of your orders. By folding shirts, you can create custom packaging and wow customers by adding a small step into your process. A T-shirt folder not only quickly folds t-shirts to industry-standard specs, but it is also an affordable option to streamline your process. Want to create your own? Here’s how.


You can purchase a T-shirt folder, but making one yourself is easy. All you’ll need is a piece of cardboard large enough to fold adult-sized shirts—about 9”-12”. Get a sharp knife and some strong tape, and you’re ready to start building. 


Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating a DIY T-shirt folder:

  1. Draw vertical lines in the cardboard so it’s in three equal sections. 
  2. Make a cut at the bottom of these three equal sections, stopping at about ⅔ up the cardboard. This divides the cardboard into three sections and creates the folding portion.
  3. In the middle section, bend the cardboard in half on top of itself. This part folds the bottom of the shirt. You can also cut at halfway and reattach with tape for an easier fold.
  4. Bend the two outside sections over the middle section to create the last fold. Like before, you can also cut them apart and reattach them with tape.

a folded t-shirt sits on a cardboard folder

There you have it! A DIY T-shirt folder made with items you already had laying around your shop. Now that you’ve made the folder, it’s time to fold some T-shirts.


So how do you use the T-shirt folder? The process is extremely simple. Here’s how:

  1. Place the open shirt folder on an easily accessible table or counter.
  2. Lay the shirt face down onto the folder. The top of the shirt should be touching the top of the T-shirt folder.
  3. Fold the bottom of the shirt up, making sure that the crease is lined up with the bottom of the folder.
  4. Flip the left panel to the center and then back.
  5. Repeat the step above for the right panel and then again for the left panel.
  6. Flip the bottom panel up and then back to its original position.
  7. Your shirt is now folded and ready to be packaged!

a man folding a shirt

Keep those cardboard boxes and turn them into a T-shirt folder for you, your friends, your customers, and everyone. With just a little time and the right-sized cardboard, you can create a homemade T-shirt folder that works as well as the real thing.

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