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Ryonet is a trusted supplier among screen printers because equipment is made of the highest quality in the USA. It's what makes us different from most screen print suppliers. Riley Hopkins presses, exposure units, screen carts, and more are made by Americans, people like you. 

a shelving unit full of raw materials

When someone orders equipment, a process begins. Raw materials arrive at the warehouse where the team laser cuts and fabricates the materials. Next, the machine the materials and begin welding. Then it's time to mechanically and electronically assemble the equipment. Once it's all put together, the team packages the product, process the order, and ship it. The process repeats with the next order.

"Rather than out-sourcing it to other machine and fabrication shops, we try to keep everything in-house," said R&D Extraordinaire Chris Drury.

At our Washington warehouse, about 120 orders go out each day. In June, we sent out 3,150 orders! The team works hard to make solid, first-rate equipment and get it to your shop as quickly as possible.

Developing the equipment at Ryonet, in the USA, brings lots of benefits to the table. Domestic jobs are created, helping the economy.

"Our manufacturing team is like our customers," Drury said. "They're hard-working and creative. Some of us have tattoos, some of us have long hair. We have fun."

Besides that, making equipment here directly affects you.

person working on an exposure unit

"We want to control our quality," Drury said. 

By crafting each piece by hand, you can rest assured that you'll receive high-quality equipment that'll get the job done and last forever. 

Not only can we control the quality, but we also preside over adjustments and improvements to equipment. Take the new Riley Hopkins 250 Press. From conversations with Ryonet team members and receiving feedback from customers, Drury was able to upgrade the former Jr. press by adding tilt micros and locking levers. 

"People have given great reviews of the Jr. over the years," Drury said. "But there's no reason to not try to eliminate some of the pain points." 

riley hopkins 250 press with an american flag


When a new product is created, Drury goes through each step of the manufacturing process to smooth out any issues, make last-minute improvements, and discover what the process will be. He then shares this information with the team, who dive in and make the best equipment possible. 

To put it simply, Ryonet cares. 

Ryonet has been building highly-reputable brands like Riley Hopkins since the beginning. Having an extensive history means the team knows the brand inside out, and strives to keep the brand moving forward.

"The team and myself has done a really good job of understanding where the brand has been to understand what it means to move it forward," Drury said. "We know what adds value for the customers."

person building a press

Riley Hopkins presses have jumpstarted thousands of printers' careers. Considered top tier for manual equipment, a Riley Hopkins press is built to last. According to Drury, a Riley Hopkins press is great to own because it won't need lots of maintenance (but if you do need to fix something, Ryonet is there to help to make the process painless). When you buy a piece of equipment from Ryonet, you're getting something more than the product.

"Once you buy a Riley Hopkins press, you're invited into the Ryonet family," Drury said. "You get the opportunity to partner with someone who actually cares if you grow."

That's what makes us different from other screen print suppliers. We want to be a full resource for you. We will walk you through doing a four-color process, how RIP software works, screen issues, and whatever other question you got. Education is our number one priority. We're here to help you grow, exceed expectations, and be successful. 

pieces of a press

This week, we're having a sale on Riley Hopkins presses, screen carts, and side clamps. We're also giving away a Riley Hopkins 150 1x1 Press. Invest in top-notch equipment that has been made by Americans for screen printers in the USA, and across the globe. 

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