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Maximize Your Workflow with the Semi-Pro MAX Screen Printing Kit

Maximize Your Workflow with the Semi-Pro MAX Screen Printing Kit

Have you been dreaming about getting into screen printing? Well, there is no time like the present to turn your aspirations into reality. In order to start cranking out those shirts, you need some good equipment under your belt. For aspiring screen printers with big dreams, we suggest looking into the Semi-Pro MAX 6 Color 2 Station Screen Printing Kit. With a table top press and the supplies to get you going, you will be printing shirts in no time. 

What is the Semi-Pro MAX 6 Color 2 Station Screen Printing Kit all About? 

Designed with the aspiring screening printer in mind, the Semi-Pro MAX package provides you with everything you need to print fairly large quantities of 1-6 color t-shirt designs. Taking advantage of the second printing station allows you to print and cure shirts at the same time and cuts your production time in 1/2 when compared to a 1 station press. This fairly compact press is also easy to set up, register and can fit into almost any space requirement.


    The Riley 250 6 Color 2 Station  

    The 250 builds on the success of its predecessor, the Riley Jr., with major improvements. Most notable is the addition of tilted micros. The tilted micros ensures screens stay in place during production, minimizing the worries of accidentally bumping the screen out of registration mid-production. The 250 now also has locking levers, the same as the 300 press. The locking levers make it easier to tighten and loosen registration, enhancing the precision of registration while lessening the stress on your wrists. Lastly, the 250 is all black! That’s right, we’re back in black.

    Ryonet's 16" x 16" Ryo Flash Dryer

    A flash dryer is a great way to spot dry ink between colors when printing multi-colored designs. It can also be used to achieve a final ink cure and is much more effective than using a heat gun. We have combined everything we would like in a starter flash dryer with BBC's manufacturing genius and unparalleled support to provide a consistent, affordable and durable flash dryer to our customers just starting to screen print.

    Get Printing 

    It's time to get printing and make your dreams a reality! If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-314-6390.

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