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Have you been dreaming about getting into screen printing? Well, there is no time like the present to turn your aspirations into reality. In order to start cranking out those shirts, you need some good equipment under your belt. For aspiring screen printers with big dreams, check out one of the Riley Hopkins 250 Complete or Enhanced Kits. With three different kits to choose from, you’ll find the perfect setup for your needs. Let’s look into the kits so you can decide and get to printing shirts in no time.


Purchasing a screen printing shop kit will not only ignite your career or side hustle, it’ll save you a ton of time. Shopping for individual products takes time and effort. By buying a screen printing kit, you only have to add one item to your cart. Between the Riley Hopkins 150 Complete Screen Printing Kit, Riley Hopkins 250 Enhanced Screen Printing Kit, and Riley Hopkins 250 Complete Screen Printing Kit, you will step into success. 

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These printing kits are designed with aspiring printers in mind. For people who are brand new to screen printing, the Riley Hopkins 150 Complete Screen Printing Kit will be the best for you. Loaded with essential equipment like the Riley Hopkins 150 Press, flash dryer, and exposure unit as well as necessary supplies like inks, screens, squeegees, etc., you can start focusing on learning as soon as it arrives at your door.

One of the coolest features of the 150 press is the ability to change out platens. Having access to various platens means you can print youth apparel, neck labels, chest prints, etc. Whether you’re starting an Etsy shop, printing for a local business, or live printing, the Riley 150’s durability and versatility will give you a strong foothold in the industry and the opportunity to expand your brand.

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If you’re starting to dive deeper into the business and take on larger orders, the Riley Hopkins 250 Enhanced or Riley Hopkins 250 Complete kits are for you. Upgrading to a larger press means buying more supplies, and this kit offers a lot of extra essentials you’ll want to purchase for your growing business.

The Riley Hopkins 250 press makes print precision easy. The most notable feature is the tilted micros, which ensure the screen stays in place throughout the printing process. You won’t have to worry about accidentally bumping the screen out of place mid-production. Another great feature is the locking levers. These levers, the same as those on the Riley Hopkins 300, make it easier to tighten and loosen registration, enhancing the precision of registration while lessening the stress on your wrists. 



Besides each kit offering differing equipment, the kits have their own unique offering of screen printing supplies. All the kits provide the basic supplies – screens, squeegees, chemicals, film, etc. The difference is that the bigger kits have more supplies.


Here's a breakdown: the Riley Hopkins 150 Complete kit offers the tools for new printers, the Riley Hopkins 250 Enhanced kit delivers the necessities for established printers, and the Riley Hopkins 250 Complete kit provides more equipment and supplies so you can maximize your business. Take a glance at the table below for differences between the three printing kits:

Riley Hopkins 150 Complete

Riley Hopkins 250 Enhanced

Riley Hopkins 250 Complete 

As you can see, each kit has its own unique offerings. The Semi-Pro Plus and Semi-Pro MAX seem pretty similar. How do you choose between the two? It’ll depend on what you want to offer to your customers. Don’t want to print more than four colors? The Plus kit will be great. Ready to take on the world and print up to six colors? The Semi-Pro™ MAX printing kit is for you. It also comes with a larger exposure unit, which allows you to expose slightly larger screens with ease.

As you may suspect, the more features and supplies, the bigger the price tag. Other than your printing needs, your budget may help you decide which kit is best for you. Evaluate your priorities. If you’re establishing your business and aren’t ready to take on complex, multicolor jobs, then the Semi-Pro or Semi-Pro Plus is a great bet. If you’re looking to print bigger jobs with more colors, investing in the Semi-Pro MAX is worth the price tag. 

A Riley Hopkins press sitting on a table


Get creative! Many printers work out of spare bedrooms, garages, and basements. These presses are table-mounted, and you don’t need a warehouse to set up shop. Check out this blog for tips and best practices in setting up your workspace. 

Setting up shop is easy with a printing kit. The Semi-Pro™ packages are one of many. If it doesn't seem like your speed or style, check out the other kits and packages we offer to find one that suits your needs.

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