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Cheat Sheet for Perfect Screen Registration

Hey there! My name is Ryan Cassidy and have the pleasure of working with screen printers like you everyday from our sales and success team floor. I get a lot of questions about screen registration and would like to share some tips and videos so you can get those screens locked into place!

Let’s get right into it.
-Using registration marks and adding them to your artwork before printing your film
I prefer center marks and you can have more if needed, especially for more detailed artwork
having the registration marks be in the same place for all of your film(s) to line up correctly

-Having a registration template/board to help line up your screens pre-press/pre-exposing can make things go smoother, but not needed or required
Support Video
Ryonet Answers Screen Printing Facebook Questions on Youtube – Know your Registration Marks

-Making sure they fully expose on your screen to continue an easier registration setup on press
Support Videos
Exposing a Screen for Screen Printing, Screen Exposure Problems PART 1 &
Exposing a Screen for Screen Printing, Screen Exposure Problems PART 2

-Off contact is always important for a good print, I prefer 1/8″ from the platen to my screen and for hoodies/sweatshirts 1/4″ since they are usually thicker garment
Support Videos
Setting Riley Hopkins Screen Printing Press Off Contact
How To Screen Print on Athletic Hoodies From Hanes
How To Level Your Riley Hopkins Print Head

-Using Test Pellons instead of wasting a shirt and Clear Choice Screen Registration Tape to register your print job. When you are moving the screen for registration if possible use one hand to adjust knobs and the second holding down the screen to keep it secure/locked in place. If everything is looking good on test prints tape up your registration marks and then go to production. Some times i’ll even print on an old test shirt to see how it looks on a garment for a final quality control check. With this you can also make sure your equipment is fully up to temp (i.e. flash dryer, conveyor dryer, or heat press)
Support Videos
How-to Use Clear Choice Tape For Screen Printing Registration
How To Zero Out Micro Registration On Riley Hopkins Screen Printing Press
Screen Printing Registration – Micro vs. Non Micro Registration
How to Screen Print Tutorial – X&Y Registration vs Riley Hopkins Joystick Registration
Screen printing registration problems, Keep your screen printing press in registrations

Even with all of these tips and videos, setting up a job can be stressful and time consuming. Practicing good habits and getting this process down will be a must to grow as a printer. Keep calm and sometimes the best thing can be to walk away for a bit go have a coffee/get a drink. Then come back ready to rock that print job with success!

If you have any questions please give us a call or live chat with us.
Happy printing!

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