When reclaiming more than 150-200 screens per week you might consider an automatic screen reclaim system for a number of reasons. For most, automating this process could result in a significant increase in your shop’s efficiency. Let’s have a look at what all you could save:

Reduced Labor
Instead of employing 1 or more team members to clean and reclaim your screens, the reclaiming system will do the same thing, more consistently, with a fraction of the effort. Simply place the screen in the unit after printing, move on to other tasks, and collect your screen for more use! Dirty screen in on one side. Clean screen out the other. It’s as simple as that.

Reduced Chemical Use
As the screen cycles through the three modules, the ink is removed and degreased using non-volatile, biodegradable chemicals. The non-volatile nature of these products means that there is no evaporation of active ingredients and avoids the need to constantly replenish chemicals to maintain their effectiveness. This can add up to HUGE cost savings.

Reduced Water Usage
In many parts of the country, water is a precious commodity and aside from use restrictions, the cost of water is creeping up. The recirculation of water and chemicals in this contained system significantly reduces the amount needed for each. Good for the planet AND good for your wallet!

In addition to direct cost savings, automatic reclaim systems will produce better and much more consistent results. This translates to a better end-product and avoids production defects or challenges further down in your production process.

Plus, Your Team Members Will Thank You
The traditional process of screen cleaning is messy. Chemicals, water, and airborne waste are spraying all over the place. It is difficult to avoid exposure to chemicals and vapors when they are all around you. With a completely enclosed screen reclamation system, your team’s skin and lungs won’t be punished every reclaim.

We already touched on the environmental benefits, but this perk should not be discounted. Lower chemical use. Lower water use. Better air-quality. The results are a safer work environment and a cleaner planet.

In summary, when you reclaim 150-200 screens or more per week, an automatic screen reclaim system like the Lotus Holland can be a great addition that reduces payroll, water and chemical bills, plus improve your work environment and team member safety – all while providing better, more consistent results (and even make the planet a bit greener in the process).

Give us a call or live chat with us if you would like to learn more about the benefits of automatic screen reclamation!

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