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Hey screen printers, this Josh Wells with Ryonet. Today we are going to be mixing some inks with the Epic Rio mixing System from Wilflex.

There are plenty of mixing systems on the market, but the RIO system is the only one built from the ground up with amazing color accuracy, opacity and printability. This is an 18 component, finished ink system, meaning that you don’t need to mix into a base.

The Rio mixing system can be used w/ the cloud based IMS 3.0. The IMS 3.0 mixing software has scanning capabilities for keeping accurate inventory of both mixing colors and mixed inks as well as smart scale compatibility. Customizable mixing interface and color chips that you can view when pulling up the Pantone colors make for a highly functional mixing software for any screen printer demanding accuracy and efficiency.

Let’s choose the pantone colors we want to mix today. Let’s go for 375c and 422c.

We are going to type in our pantone numbers as well as the amount we actually need to make. Let’s say we need 500 grams. You must enter the exact number you see in the Pantone color guide. You must also enter a space between the pantone and whether the pantone it c or u. Once we enter that info into the IMS, the software breaks down each component that we will need to mix in. One of the great things about this system is that every color in the system has been audited by hand and I can add all these components with confidence that it will be correct.

When picking a scale I’m always going to recommend a gram scale that at least can read to the tenth of a gram. If you mix smaller quantities of inks, you will be better off with a scale that can read to the 100th of a gram.

These components are great to mix. They blend together so easily. Once we’re done mixing we will want to check our color up against the pantone guide to make sure that it is accurate.
Now that we know our ink is on the money, let’s add it to our screen and start printing.

RIO inks are opaque while having amazing printability and the most accurate color matches. Rio inks also have great wet on wet capability and are easy to print making for quicker speeds on press.

The print looks great, RIO inks cure just like any other plastisol ink at 320 degrees for roughly 20 – 30 seconds.

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