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Easy Add-On Sales: How Screen Printers Can Profit from Selling Promotional Products

The $26.1 billion promo products industry is the perfect combination of quirky and fun. Whether it’s as basic as a logoed pen or as high-end as a luxury watch, promo remains the #1 form of advertising and a proven tool to build brand recognition, increase loyalty, and improve retention. If you're a screen printer, you’re ideally positioned to expand your business by selling promo products.



Why Screen Printers Should Sell Promo

As a screen printer, you already work with logos and branded items daily. This makes it a natural progression to include promotional products in your offerings. By doing so, you can tap into the existing demand for promo products among your current customers and avoid sending them to competitors.


How Screen Printers Can Benefit from Selling Promo

  • Leverage Existing Infrastructure: Screen printers traditionally print on fabric or paper, creating items like apparel, posters, bags, and towels. Customers ordering these products often need other promotional items, making it a smart business move to add promo into the mix.
  • Expand Product Range with Minimal Investment: Adding promo items such as custom T-shirts, caps, and tote bags can utilize your existing screen-printing infrastructure, increasing order volumes from current clients. Other items, like earbuds, drinkware, and gifts, can be drop shipped directly from the supplier to the customer, so there's no need for additional equipment or warehouse space.
  • Significant ROI Potential: For screen printers, there is minimal adaptation or investment needed but a significant return on investment (ROI) potential. Additionally, offering promo products may also attract clients who are initially interested in promo but end up needing screen printing services too—another way to grow your customer base.


Other Established Businesses That Can Profit from Promo

While screen printers are a natural fit for selling promo products, several other businesses can also benefit:

  • Commercial Printing: These businesses can enhance their printed marketing materials with promo products, improving client retention by offering comprehensive services.
  • Marketing and Advertising: Adding tangible promo items increases campaign effectiveness and customer engagement, providing a diversified marketing plan.
  • Graphic Design: Designers can offer custom promo products, combining digital and physical branding, ensuring clients have no reason to go elsewhere.
  • Event Planning: Planners can sell promo items needed for events, enhancing offerings without additional costs for inventory or warehousing.
  • Trophy and Awards Shops: Offering promo items attracts new customers and increases order sizes by providing a broader range of recognition items.


Take the Next Step

Ready to diversify your screen-printing business? Click here to explore additional resources and information on the promo products industry and discover how you can benefit. Learn strategies and insights to seamlessly introduce promotional products to your existing client base and capitalize on your current relationships to boost sales.

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