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In this video, Josh from @joshisterric talks about how artificial intelligence (AI), with tools like DALL-E and MidJourney, is changing art and graphic design. Watch as he designs a T-shirt for a pretend band and learn why we still need real artists to make designs just right. Check out why AI is a great tool but not the only answer in design. 

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AI's Role and Limitations
AI tools like DALL-E and MidJourney are changing how art is created by turning text into images. However, they still struggle with specific design elements like typography and vector graphics, which are essential for professional quality graphic design.

Quality Concerns for Printing
The AI-generated images are typically only 72 dpi resolution, which is not sharp enough for high-quality print jobs, particularly on larger items like T-shirts. This means AI art needs manual adjustments to be usable in professional settings.

AI as a Creative Tool
While AI can start the creative process, it isn't a complete solution by itself. Human creativity and intervention are necessary to refine AI-generated art into final, professional designs.

Photoshop and Illustrator are essential for adjusting the images to make them ready for printing, including enhancing resolution and color settings. For the actual printing process, he uses a Riley Hopkins manual printing press for accurate color application and FN-INK plastisol screen printing ink for vibrant, durable prints. Finally, the Vastex D-100 conveyor dryer is used to ensure the ink is cured properly on the fabric. Together, these tools streamline the process of turning digital art into wearable designs.
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