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In an ever search for the perfect tool, manual screen printers are constantly looking for new and improved squeegees to make manual screen printing, faster, easier, and more consistent. While a lot of different squeegees exists, Ryonet’s new EZ Grip is a great new edition to the market.

This special green version of the EZ grip uses recycled plastic in your favorite green color to not only make a good looking addition to your printshop but to minimize its environmental impact too! It's green and greener!

The EZ grip is advantages in several ways.
It allows you to grip for pull or a push stroke.
It stabilizes the stroke to keep your blade more consistent.
If you drop your squeegee (which no one ever does right) it falls on these convenient stabilizers which keeps it clean!
And you can easily turn around or swap out the squeegee blade to keep your prints nice and crisp.

Check out the EZ Grip Squeegee: Click Here

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