The Screen Printer's Best Friend: FN-INK™  |

FN-INK grabs your artwork by the shoulders, shakes the sleepiness out of it, hands it a cup of coffee, and pushes it out into the world. FN-INK makes your art stimulating, rich, smooth, and radiant. 

FN-INK brings your art to life.

The ink was designed to be bright, vibrant, and clean while maintaining color spaces that screen printers want and expect. With 15 colors ready-to-use colors, FN-INK is the jack-of-all-trades within ink: it's vivid, consistent, inexpensive, and low-cure. Compare it to competitors' inks and they'll appear dull to the FN-INK. You may say other inks look a little tired while FN-INK looks energetic. 

Print it on any garment (except garments for impact/abrasive sports, but replica jerseys are just fine), and it'll print beautifully. The ink will produce results that'll surpass your customers' expectations. 

To aid screen printers showcasing digital mockups to customers and clients, a color card accompanies the new ink line. Download the FN-INK™ Digital Color Card HereOne important note to highlight about FN-INK colors:

None of the colors were designed as exact Pantone™ matches.

Some are close, but none of them are exact. 

Another aspect to take notice is that the color card exhibits approximate digital representation of the colors. Therefore, how you view the color card plays a huge role on what color you're specifically seeing. To view the most accurate representation, we suggest viewing it in Adobe™ Photoshop/Illustrator or CorelDraw™ with your monitor calibrated. The angle of the screen also plays a factor in the color portrayal. We suggest your monitor has a 178° viewing angle (while being color-calibrated, of course).

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