"Hey, I Have a T-Shirt Idea for You!"  | Screenprinting.com

Oh, really? 🙄 That statement gets old, real fast. But now, you can say back to them, "That's awesome. You can print it yourself with a DIY kit."

Not only would a kit get them off your back, a kit would open their eyes to the hard work behind screen printing. Once they see how much planning, muscle work, problem-solving, creativity goes into screen printing, they'll appreciate the work you do so much more. 

The DIY kit comes with everything they need – inks, cleaning chemicals, screen, press, film, etc. We have different types of kits like ones for gig posters, t-shirts, four colors, with a flash dryer, etc. Few things worth mentioning to the aspiring printer: purchasing or finding a piece of wood to screw the press into is key if you don't want to attach it to your kitchen table. Also, if they don't have an inkjet printer, a sharpie works just fine. Other than that, you'll be able to hand them to kit and tell them to have at it. 

You're able to focus on your projects while knowing that the soon-to-be screen printer is learning to value the art and science of screen printing. Snag a kit today, expand the world of screen printing tomorrow. 

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