Got Limited Space? There's a Washout Booth for That  |

Washing and reclaiming screens is important. For small shops where space is limited, this task can get tricky. Printers have to get creative when washing out their screens. Here’s a solution: the Sgreen® Table Top Washout Booth. Let’s talk about the newest addition to the Sgreen® line.


Rinsing or reclaiming screens in your bathtub? At a car wash? If this sounds like your process, the Sgreen® Table Top Washout Booth is for you. Having a dedicated space to wash out screens is important. In shops with limited space, you might not have room for a free-standing washout booth. You’ll need all that space for your press, places to dry and store screens, an exposure unit, ink storage, and more. 

With a tabletop washout booth, you won’t need to sacrifice part of your space. You can place the washout booth on a tabletop or counter, having free space underneath it to use. You can stop washing your screens at a car wash or in your bathtub.


A tabletop washout booth sits on a counter


Amanda Dunigan, owner of Salt & Pine Co., doesn’t have a washout booth in her shop. She switched from water-based to plastisol ink because of its easy cleanup. When she used water-based inks, she would rinse them in her bathtub. She was regularly turning her tub different colors and making a mess. Plus, water-based ink can dry on a screen, leaving bits of pigment locked into the mesh. Imagine kneeling in front of a bathtub, hunching over to vigorously scrub a screen. It’s a nightmare.


The most notable difference between the tabletop washout booth and other Sgreen® washout booths is right in the name. It can sit on top of something so you don’t need to clear a space for it to stand on its own. It takes up a lot less room in your shop. 

The booth is smaller than the 33” washout booth, but still delivers quality. At 25” wide, 17.5” deep, and 33” high, the washout booth can handle the standard 20”x24” screen printing screen. The best part? It’s made of high quality stainless steel, so it’s built to last. The tabletop washout booth is compatible with a universal hose kit. The hose kit is designed for shops that cannot locate their booth directly in front of wall plumbing access. Eight feet of hose allows you to redirect water drainage to your walls plumbing access, a container, or filtration system.

Want a step-by-step on installing the hose kit to your washout booth? Look no further:

  1. First install the white PVC reducer. For the tabletop washout booth, use the 1” NPT reducer.
  2. Install the grey 90-degree barbed fitting into the reducer.
  3. Loosely install the hose clamp to one end of the nylon hose.
  4. Press that side of the hose onto the barbed fitting.
  5. Secure the hose to the barbed fitting with the hose clamp.
  6. Direct the other end of the hose to a filtration system or catch basin.

A tabletop washout booth sits on a counter with green lighting

If you're struggling to find space in your shop to wash screens out, or having to get creative with your reclaim process, the tabletop washout booth is perfect for you. Dispose of chemicals correctly in the space you have. Invest in the Sgreen® Table Top Washout Booth today.

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