How to Get the Perfect Pocket Print Placement on Press  |

Placing pocket prints or left chest prints perfectly on a shirt is tough. You don't want the print to end up in the armpit or on the neckline of the shirt. Jonathan Overmyer from Golden Press Studio has shared his process of placing pocket prints on press. Check out their video to learn one of the many ways you can ace this print.


Drawing lines on platens makes it much easier to load and align the shirt properly. For a 16-inch platen, Jonathan first draws a vertical line at eight inches. On the side that Jonathan will print the design, he draws a vertical line at the four inch mark. 

Next, Jonathan draws two horizontal lines — one at two inches and the other at three inches from the top of the platen (the side closest to you). Jonathan draws the three inch line because he wants it to align with the registration mark on the screen. Consider it insurance for loading the shirt correctly every time.


When printing a run, it's very likely that you'll be printing an array of shirt sizes. The easiest way to maintain consistency is to use a laser guiding system. Jonathan sets up the two-point laser to have the top line be about four fingers or three and a half inches from the collar and the vertical line lies outside of the collar.


printer printing a pocket print

And that's that. As with any process in screen printing, there are many ways you can accomplish one task. The process Golden Press Studio demonstrated is one of the simplest, quickest ways of placing pocket prints. If you have a different way for placing pocket prints, we want to see it! Post your prints on Instagram and tag us. For now, keep #poweringtheprint.  

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