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The day has come, you're ready to jump into the screen printing world. A key factor needed to get started in this adventure – a screen printing press. But many types of presses exist, which one do you pick?
You need to ask yourself a question: Why are you getting into screen printing? Are you thinking, "Screen printing looks fun – I'd love to try it out," or "I have a few friends and family members who'd like some shirts," or "I have a business I need to make shirts for," or "I have a couple of networks that'll have a steady amount of orders." Once you know you're "why," you can decide which press is best for you.


You're an art student who fell in love with screen printing after a project in school, or you've had a few good t-shirt ideas that you want to give a go, a DIY kit is a great start. The kit has all the supplies needed to complete the process of printing. It'll open your eyes to the process, and help you decide if screen printing is something you'd like to dive deep into, or keep it as a hobby. If you're just getting started in screen printing, check out what advice veteran screen printers have given to people who are new in the industry.


A friend asks you each year to print softball jerseys for their summer league, a relative's debate club wants matching shirts for their next tournament, a band requests printed posters for their next show – the list goes on and on. If you have a handful of people that would like to use your services, a Semi-Pro 4 Color Screen Printing Kit would do the trick. The 4-1 press works best for screen printers will a small cliental since the press has a stationary platen, which slows down the process a bit due to needing to let the platen cool after flashing it.


Whether your company wants to set up shop for its own needs or you have enough customers to make your screen printing your second job, the Semi-Pro Plus 4 Color 2 Station Screen Printing Kit is the way to go. This press works well because it has platens that move, which speeds up the process. The 4-2 press also has micros, which allows you to adjust the screen with ease. The little things are important to ensure your customers receive their orders on time and meets their satisfaction.


Quit your daytime job, it's time to make screen printing your full-time gig. After trying out one or two of the aforementioned presses and your cliental list has grown significantly, you could look into investing in the Riley 300 6 Color 4 Station Press. The press is speedy, precise, and consistent. Containing features like an anti-flip registration plate, an XY-micro, and a Z-micro/Tilt Micro, the press was created to make the everyday life of screen printer easier.
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